Permanent Hiatus

The game is on permanent hiatus. In order to keep the world itself alive I am going to copy all world/people data over to as a repository for the universe building. There is a solo campaign that is starting that continues on with some of this at that will follow the new adventures. 

There will be no additional information added to this site specifically, it will stay as a snapshot of the way the universe/campaign was at this point in time. Please see the universe website, or the new campaign pages if you want to see the additions or changes to the universe during game.

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Captain’s Log: Merrymaker

Date:  0708,4482

Felder III Spaceport

Destination:              Redster’s Pick
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             0708,4482

Crewmen/Guests on Board:

Enemies Encountered: None

Space Conditions: Local space was filled with possible combatants. This was a beastman heavy area which means lots of warp worshipers.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose was to retrieve Will’s brother, “Merrymaker”


A possible location of alien technology was uncovered that could help Rose’s body. In order to ascertain what value it had, Damien decided to go investigate it. He needed medical support to determine the medical veracity of the claims and he needed physical backup so I sent Vanth and Poosh with him. Unfortunately Rose and the rest could not go as these were dig sites crucial to Damien’s contacts and we couldn’t risk overexposing Damien.

After we dropped Damien and crew off at Felder III, we turned and made our way to Redster’s Pick. A pivot point planet, or at least referenced as named that by the old Imperium records. It as a planet easily accessed by creatures that could walk the warp, most noticeably beastmen and ogryn, but many other kinds as well.

Merry had been there with his band that he traveled with. He needed his brother Will to come pick him up, which we were able to arrive at about two weeks later.

Will and Illiana went alone, with the planet being heavily beastman and warp touched it meant most of our crew would be out of place there, spotted and taken advantage of. Will and Illiana are both quite capable of taking care of picking up Merry and bringing him back.

They arrived on planet and went to a place called Gulliver’s Ladies. It was a strip joint and motel. They found Merry in the back, when they discovered his band had taken his staff and he couldn’t leave without it. Will was able to unearth the fact that Merry also wanted Will and Illiana’s help to stop his band from summoning a Nurgle daemon.

There was some discussion and they waited for the arrival of the band. Once the band was there, the band talked with Merry and Will and agreed to take them out with them to a summoning point. It was during this walk that Illiana was approached by a young Daikan female, approximately 10 years old.

There was some sort of discussion and the child asked for their help, while the band summoned a Great Unclean One. Just as the the ritual was finished, the female leader of the band’s skin slide off as she received her Nurgle gift. The Daikan girl shot into the flame of the summoning fire that was powering the spell, disrupting it completely and killing the daemon as it came through.

Great Unclean One on Vorex V

Will and Illiana were outnumbered, but defeated the band with injuries that healed quickly on Illiana, and with Will being infected with a nurglized pistol that infected his arm with a worm.

They got back onto Rose, they were treated for their wounds and infection and it was found in the end that everyone was health, and we had collected Will’s brother, Merrymaker.

Mission accomplished, now we go look for the location of the stealth ship given to us by Miya Talgal.

XP Award: 5
Related Logs: None

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Free XP

If you email me an tell me about this post by 6/09/17, I will give your character 10xp.

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Captain’s Log: Info Snatch

Date:  0512,4482

Outside Core Sector on Pelagos Station

Destination:              Pelagos Station
Port of Departure:   N/A
Date:                             0512,4482
Port of Arrival:         N/A
Date:                             0512,4482

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Damien Freeman
Cesta Usador

Enemies Encountered: A “See” courier

Space Conditions: Local space was quiet, no enemy combatants or neutral forces present around the station.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose of going to Pelagos was to secure a storefront for sales of our goods. Turned out we also did a snatch and grab of info from a See Courier.


The group led by Damien went out and met with Dockmaster Janet DelaCruz from Section E03 in the docking area. They reviewed two different storefronts and settled on the smaller one, capable of holding some samples and conducting business, but not too large to attract too much attention.

During their time there, they met up with Miya, the fixer that was rescued a few weeks before. She had learned of a See Courier that was staying at the Golden Lion Hotel, a large upscale place.

Miya felt obligated due to her rescue to provide this information along with disguise kits. The information that the Courier was carrying would undoubtably be high value and help pay back the group for their assistance.

The group consisted of Damien, Will, Illiana, Cesta and Ezelle. They rented a room with their disguises down the hall from the Courier’s room. At three in the morning they struck quickly, using Ezelle they got past the bio scanners and tasered the courier. They secured the data on a memory chip and retreated with no damage, no casualties and with no one having a clue as to who they were.

They returned to Rose with no problems. It was a job well done.

XP Award: 5
Related Logs: None

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Captain’s Log: Miya and the Bloody Kree

Date:  2804,4482

Kree Mansion on Kaledon III

Destination:              Kaledon System
Port of Departure: Myrina V
Port of Arrival:        Pelagos Station

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Damien Freeman
Powers Booth
Cesta Usador
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: Mo’tar Raiding Band – Bloody Kree

Space Conditions: Local space had several Mo’tar warships waiting at the Delta I type warp gate.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose of going to Kaledon was to rescue Miya Talgal, a known fixer and arbiter for several systems around Pelagos Station. She is being held by the Bloody Kree for ransom.

Bloody Kree Raiders: Led by “Red Jack”, these raiders preyed on areas around Pelagos Station. They specifically aimed to raid the regular stagecoaches (the nickname for transport routes through the larger area of space). Having taking tens of thousands in credit and material they are wanted for robbery, murder, kidnapping and various other crimes. The current price on their head was for $50,000 credits for Red Jack, and an additional $10,000 for each confirmed member. Each member has a blood dipped feather tattooed on themselves.


The Captain received a request from Tolen to rescue a Miya Talgal. Miya had been captured by a Mo’tar Raiding Band named the Bloody Kree and they had settled on Kaledon. The raiding band had the single warp gate covered with two Ant class corvettes.

Forceable extraction via normal means was unavailable and Miya had left orders she was to never be ransomed. This leaves extraction through the use of a ship that can enter and exit system in stealth mode. Once they alert the Mo’tar, they will have approximately 72 minutes to extract themselves.

The location of the Kree is in a taken over ski chalet. The floor plan is below:

She was being held in the upper floor of the house. She was watched over by Red Jack and 15 of his people, plus an Infantry Walker.

We exited our home system and the trip there went fairly fast with no mishaps. Will was not “excited” by how fast Rose was traveling, so she adjusted her speed for him. We arrived in system approximately 0200 and took a Echo class sweep of the system. We arrived planetside approximately 2000 where Vanth, Will, Damien, Illiana, Cesta and Ezelle disembarked on a shuttle.

Upon arrival of the planet they landed approximately two miles outside of the chalet and approached on foot. They came across some placed anti-personnel mines in the snow which they circumvented. They then performed a sweep up the back stairs and into the  caretaker’s quarters.

During this time they eliminated 3 individual Mo’tar and split up. Will and Cesta stayed below and the rest went above. Some sort of mishap occurred when Illiana shifted and she ended up through the floor. While they cleared the caretaker’s quarters of three, Will was made invisible by Cesta and took out the walker by sneaking up and removing the power coupling as the pilot slept.

Vanth, Damien and Illiana then secured the backroom with Miya in it. They confirmed that Red Jack was the person in the room they had dispatched and they freed her. Meanwhile Will chopped apart the last fighting Mo’tar, after the rest had fled.

The team shortly thereafter left planet with Miya and arrived back on Rose, where we left system with our target secured.

XP Award: 5 + individual awards
Related Logs: None

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Miya Talgal (fixer)

Name: Miya Talgal
Aliases: Miya Five Fingers, Alkai, Marilyn Tokawa
Date of Birth: 0212, 4420
Place of Birth: Glengarry I
Nationality: Albion
District: Core Sector Xb

Sex: Female                                   Age: 62
Height: 5’3”                                 Weight: 112lbs
Eyes: Cyber Blue                         Hair: Black
Scars and Marks: Multiple tattoos on her body from when she was part of the Yakuza
Occupation: Diplomat, Negotiator, Fixer
Most Recent Residence: Pelagos Free Station

Not much is known about Miya before she appeared as a runner at the age of 19. It is believed she worked the streets of Glengarry when she was younger as a “Dump Rat”, a person who worked out of Glengarry’s ship graveyard.

For almost twenty years she worked as a successful runner, earning a reputation of a solid, trustable place to go when a job needed to be done. She worked for underworld organizations such as the Yakuza, Mafia, and Triads. She was injured several times and slowly built up her body with cybernetics and biotech.

By the age of 30 she was doing work for corporations and began to be a runner less and less and instead started arranging runs instead for these same corporations. By the time she was 50 she became one of the premiere fixers for corporate and national interests, with the occasional job from the Yaks.

In 4482 her transport was attacked and captured by a Mo’tar raiding band. Resulting in her being taken to Kaledon to await ransom or execution.

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Wolf Class K-Boat Deck Plan

Name:            Wolf Class K-Boat
Type:               Streamlined Warp Ship
Size:                30,000 tons
Length:          800 feet approx. (maybe, design still being finalized)

Outside/Level View Deck Plans (individual deck plans coming soon):


Rose Levels 1-3 First Draft

Floors 1 through 3 (top to bottom)

Rose Levels 4-6 First Draft

Floors 4 – 6 (top to bottom)

Rose Levels 6-9 First Draft

Floors 7-9 (top to bottom)

Floor Level Descriptions are outdated, refer to the deck plans until I get a new write up.


The front hull of the ship is where most of the “business” of the ship is located. Most sensors, command and control, science labs. The warp bullet is what allows the ship to “slide” into warp space without opening a full gate and thus revealing itself. Finally the main purpose of the ship are the torpedo launchers capable of anti-shipping and anti-planetary operations.

Floor 1 (Conning Tower): This is the conning tower, traditionally where the captain and crew pilot the ship. It is fully functional, with access to viewing of the outside to use for star navigation or visual verification of outside entities (this is more effective in the warp then you think). While it is a tradition, most ships are captained and manned in the combat centers located in the heart of the fore section, providing more protection.

Floor 2: These is the fore small craft bays (secondary bays for small shuttles, not for transport of supplies). Often used for landing teams. In addition, there are weapon systems designed to attack small craft that might be attacking or harassing the ship. Supplies can be moved via “B”, the Retractable power/supply coupling. The ship must retract the coupling to open a gate, or risk destabilizing the warp ring that the gate mechanisms create.

Floor 3: Location of many of the science and medical facilities. It is also where the secondary bridge and communications/control is located. Placing it in a more secure location then an outer hull, and closer to the command/control areas.

Floor 4: Additional forward weapons platform, generally the smaller torpedo banks along with auxiliary firing facilities. Additional crew activities areas are used here.

Floors 5 and 6: These represent the core living areas of the crew in the front hull region. They include science labs, crew areas (galley, workout rooms, entertain areas). There are some officer quarters here as well. The area closest to the nose is shielded heavily due to the “Warp Bullet”. There usually is not higher risk, but since the nose is what pierces the warp membrane unlike other ships, caution is taken. In addition, since these are the most secure front hull areas they are also equipped to house the sarcophagus traversing system (see note 1) to allow the most access. Each floor has a Sarcophagus room.

Floor 7: Torpedo launchers, secondary control systems for weapons and secondary power supply (including battery storage).

Floor 8: Torpedo launchers, auxillary weapons control, ammunition storage for torpedoes.

Floor 9: storage, elevators both to rear of ship and up into ammunition bins. Secondary anti-small ship weaponry can be installed here (depending on the specific craft).


The center hull consists mostly of the day to day living area for enlisted personnel. It is also where the majority of the gate mechanism system exists.

Floor 10 and 13: The gate mechanism levels. These levels are comprised of conduits, wiring, miles of cables with crawlways all around. The hull here is a bit thicker and lined with special materials to help insulate and resist buckling by the warp gate mechanism. These levels are how you access the mechanism itself.

Floor 11 and 12: Primary living areas for enlisted personnel including bunks, showers, entertainment.


The primary purpose of this section is the main engines, power generation and shuttle bay/storage access.

Floor 14: These is the fore small craft bays (secondary bays for small shuttles, not for transport of supplies). Often used for landing teams. In addition, there are weapon systems designed to attack small craft that might be attacking or harassing the ship. Supplies can be moved via “B”, the Retractable power/supply coupling. The ship must retract the coupling to open a gate, or risk destabilizing the warp ring that the gate mechanisms create.

Floor 15: Engineering, storage stations and solar sail mechanism (as a tertiary backup power system).

Floors 16-19: These floors are taken up by the main engine, engineering stations and quarters, and storage supply. The engines on these ships are massive, but they are not large squares so this leaves lots of areas for small rooms, caches and crawl spaces. The rest of the area is dedicated to engine supplies such as lubricant, fuel, spare parts and small emergency workshops.

Floor 20: This is the main hanger bay, storage facility and mechanical garage.

Floor 21: storage, elevators both to rear of ship and up into ammunition bins. Secondary anti-small ship weaponry can be installed here (depending on the specific craft).


A1-A4 Gate Mechanisms

  • A1 Lower Gate Mechanism
  • A2 Port Gate Mechanism
  • A3 Upper Gate Mechanism
  • A4 Starboard Gate Mechanism

The gate mechanism starts at the shipyard in a pre-defined construction. However, as the ship travels, the gate mechanisms tend to shift over time and as they are used. After a few years of regular travel the old plans for the gate mechanism is no longer beneficial. This is why its important for engineer/mechanic longevity. They will learn the ins and outs of the tunnels, ducts, conduits and rooms. When not in use, the mechanisms are pulled tight against the hull of the ship.

B Retractable Power/Supply Coupling.

Because the main supply shuttles will land in the rear of the ship, a retractable power/supply coupling is used to transport munitions and personal supplies to other portions of the ship. Before the upper or lower gate mechanisms can be extended or retracted, the coupling will need to be pulled back to allow access.

C: Main engines: capable of FTL travel with a tri-fuel arrangement (ram scoop, fusion, hard tack refined fuel).

D: “Warp Bullet”: This is a solid cone on the nose accompanied by quadruple the normal living wire, conduits and interfaces. This bullet is what lets the ship enter warp space by piercing the skin of the warp, instead of ripping a gate open like most

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