Galactic Races

The races of Burning Twilight vary in the type of species, mode of movement, even how they perceive the world. This page is a listing of all races, both playable and not playable.

  • Beastmen, (anthropomorphic goat/bull, Warp creature) – 27pts
  • Daikon, (genderfluid, space born travelers) – 36pts.
  • Fiale, (Altharin commoner, magic sponge/spring) – 44+ pts.
  • Mishar ,(cat-shapechanger race) – 61pts.
  • Ool (non-mammalian) – 46pts

Below are the sentient galactic races that at this time are not playable by players. If enough interest is developed then they may be moved to a player race.

  • Mo’tar, a space faring marauder race.