Captain’s Log: Merrymaker

Date:  0708,4482

Felder III Spaceport

Destination:              Redster’s Pick
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             0708,4482

Crewmen/Guests on Board:

Enemies Encountered: None

Space Conditions: Local space was filled with possible combatants. This was a beastman heavy area which means lots of warp worshipers.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose was to retrieve Will’s brother, “Merrymaker”


A possible location of alien technology was uncovered that could help Rose’s body. In order to ascertain what value it had, Damien decided to go investigate it. He needed medical support to determine the medical veracity of the claims and he needed physical backup so I sent Vanth and Poosh with him. Unfortunately Rose and the rest could not go as these were dig sites crucial to Damien’s contacts and we couldn’t risk overexposing Damien.

After we dropped Damien and crew off at Felder III, we turned and made our way to Redster’s Pick. A pivot point planet, or at least referenced as named that by the old Imperium records. It as a planet easily accessed by creatures that could walk the warp, most noticeably beastmen and ogryn, but many other kinds as well.

Merry had been there with his band that he traveled with. He needed his brother Will to come pick him up, which we were able to arrive at about two weeks later.

Will and Illiana went alone, with the planet being heavily beastman and warp touched it meant most of our crew would be out of place there, spotted and taken advantage of. Will and Illiana are both quite capable of taking care of picking up Merry and bringing him back.

They arrived on planet and went to a place called Gulliver’s Ladies. It was a strip joint and motel. They found Merry in the back, when they discovered his band had taken his staff and he couldn’t leave without it. Will was able to unearth the fact that Merry also wanted Will and Illiana’s help to stop his band from summoning a Nurgle daemon.

There was some discussion and they waited for the arrival of the band. Once the band was there, the band talked with Merry and Will and agreed to take them out with them to a summoning point. It was during this walk that Illiana was approached by a young Daikan female, approximately 10 years old.

There was some sort of discussion and the child asked for their help, while the band summoned a Great Unclean One. Just as the the ritual was finished, the female leader of the band’s skin slide off as she received her Nurgle gift. The Daikan girl shot into the flame of the summoning fire that was powering the spell, disrupting it completely and killing the daemon as it came through.

Great Unclean One on Vorex V

Will and Illiana were outnumbered, but defeated the band with injuries that healed quickly on Illiana, and with Will being infected with a nurglized pistol that infected his arm with a worm.

They got back onto Rose, they were treated for their wounds and infection and it was found in the end that everyone was health, and we had collected Will’s brother, Merrymaker.

Mission accomplished, now we go look for the location of the stealth ship given to us by Miya Talgal.

XP Award: 5
Related Logs: None

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