Ancient History

By default, the history of Burning Twilight is from the human perspective. Other racial views will be addressed in their racial write ups, or may be added here for color. However, like all history, it is biased towards who has control. What may be told as history, may not be true in part or full.


Approximately 5,000 years ago  the tribes of humankind discovered warp gate travel, via a single warp gate that opened up in their home system. The humans were ruled by the  Imperial Republic of Romana (usually just called “The Republic” for short).

Initially the humankind consisted of three major tribes:

      • The Sabinions were specialists in bioengineering. They were the tribe responsible for developing the home system into a lush and fertile resource filled system. This allowed the tribes to focus on the technology needed for warp gate access.
      • The Etruans were responsible for most of the technology that allowed the humans to leave their system itself. While the Sabinions fed the people, the Etruans developed medicine, actual space travel, etc.
      • The Terrans served as the servants for the two other tribes. Filling the menial labor, merchant and other roles that were not considered necessary by the ruling council.

The humans discovered a warp gate in their system and were able to open it up and tentatively sent scout ships into the rest of the Andorran Galaxy. The crew of the Romano, a science vessel stumbled into a distant system and discovered ruins of an ancient race, along with more warp gates. Realizing there may be more warp gates and thus more expansion possibilities spurred forth a new jump in technology as different tribes tried to secure their “inheritance”.

War broke out between the tribes as each tried to control the warp gate in the home system (and the ones found further out). Control of the warp gate meant control of access to new resources. It was during this time that it is said a faction of humans led by the remnants of the crew of the Romano declared that the truth lie in the stars. They stole several ships and escaped through the warp gate. It is said this was the start of the See, but that has not been confirmed.

War in the human home system was brutal and took centuries. It wasn’t for another 400 years of constant warfare that the tribes had been united under a single ruler and the empire had been named the Imperial Republic of Romana. The humans had developed a military skilled in ship to ship and ground combat. With humans finally united under one force, they turned their sharpened military outward, towards the stars.

Many humans refer to the next 2,000 years as the “Golden Age” as the Republic pushed further and further into space. In the span of that time they not only expanded colonies, they met hundreds of alien races, and conquered most of them. After a rough set of growing pains with other races, the Republic discovered that the best way to control was to allow the systems to run themselves, but to act as tax collectors and in times of need they could demand assistance. This worked well for a long time.

Even with other races that constantly attacked the Republic’s borders, the end of the Republic came from within. The Republic had slowly devolved into factions that fought what would be called the First Interstellar War. According to records, sometimes around 2500 ASF the Republic fell in upon itself, leveling systems and reducing the ability of humans to travel. Another two Interstellar Wars happened between the humans, and other races for the next 1,000 years. The end of the year 3,500 found the Republic destroyed completely, except for a few states that survived as their own entities.

It was sometime during the end of the Third Interstellar War that the See came into power, securing the warp gates and limiting access by other peoples (humans and other races alike). Over the next 800 years of strict control by the See resulted in most of the gates still being under control of the See, and the knowledge of how to operate gates extremely limited outside of the See. The Fourth Interstellar War was when several nation states tried to claim the warp gates. The war was over in 100 days with all the fleets of the nation states decimated. A treaty was quickly brokered and many of the gates the See did not own, were given over as part of that treaty. There still are some systems that have their own gates, that operate as free ports. These systems are watched closely by the See, but have not been attacked.

The last hundred and ten years has been filled with the Fifth Interstellar War and is covered in the Recent History page.

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