Temporary Hiatus

Scheduling conflicts have interfered with this campaign. My goal is to eventually come back to this game. I am not sure if it would be as a solo/two person game or a full group game, but unfortunately most of the current group is not able to play at the same time I am.

We would just find new players, but unfortunately the GURPS roleplaying system is obscure to most people and we haven’t found a lot of people experienced or interested in it. We may start another campaign up based on a more popular system (Shadowrun or D&D), I will let you know here where to go for that if it happens.

I will keep you updated, and don’t worry even if some time passes I am always willing to open up old campaigns, and this won’t be the end of it (there have been two prior campaigns in this universe previously, I love the setting).

NOTE 10/20/17: The game is on permanent hiatus. We are starting a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign to collect new players into our group. Once we have a steady group, maybe we can convince them to do this.


About Lucky

A late forty-something writer, photographer, auditor and game-master, married to the most fantastic guy. Also I am a prolific SJW just to get that out there.
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