Damien Freeman

Full Name: Damien Freeman

Player: Dunk
Race: Human (Albion – link to come)
Height: Still to come.
Weight: Still to come.
Eyes: Still to come.
Hair: Still to come.
Build: Still to come.
Physical Description: Still to come.

Place of Birth: Star of Terralon (Star Freighter)
Date of Birth: Undetermined
Living or Dead relatives: Both parents living.
Personality: Damien is a cigarette smoking, overconfident explorer. While he is a bit squeamish, he does have a sense of duty to his group and will not harm an innocent. His chummy manner survives even though the Fringe News Network (a subsidiary of INN) follows him.

Character Sheet List:

Missions Involved With:
Episode 0: Introductions
Episode 4: Bright Pool
Episode 5: Cooter Punch


Damien was born in Albion space aboard his parents freighter, Star of Terralon. It was a family owned armed merchant vessel and contracted with various corporations (and occasionally governments) to haul smaller, high priority shipments to places not on the main shipping routes. The ship was run by his parents and several other relatives and a few other crewmembers that were ‘adopted’ and pretty much treated as family. Damien helped work on the freighter from a young age, learning all the jobs that go with a freighter.

He still did schoolwork on the ship’s computer and in visiting various worlds amongst the stellar states, he found he had a knack for languages. By the time he was in his teens, he spoke several fluently and could at least make conversation in others. He excelled at his other lessons and was interested in many subjects ranging from the sciences, the arts, to more mundane learning of operating a freighter.

As he grew older, he wanted to go to one of the academies in Albion, but his parents didn’t have the money to spare. He ended up joining the Albion military for six years and in exchange, received tuition to attend one of the minor academies. During his service, he picked up several skills in working on weapons, operating battlesuits and becoming a fair aerospace pilot.

After his military service was over, he finished his schooling and found he didn’t want to return to freighter life just yet. He started working for various university and academic groups in studying alien civilizations, some current and others thought to be extinct. With his knowledge and talents, he started earning a reputation in making some notable discoveries about precursor races. He also found that many museums, schools and private collectors were not particular how he acquired items, only that they were unique. He has dabbled in both gray market and authentic markets ever since.

It was during this time he caught the attention of Holly Jennings, a reporter from the Interstellar Information Network, (INN). She did a couple minor stories on him early on, but it was his discovery of a previously legendary precursor race, the Ti’Yan, that really caught the news. She, (and probably her editors) decided he was someone to keep an eye on. The treasure trove of the Ti’Yan caught the attention of most of the know galaxy and made him something of a minor celebrity, at least for some. Others in the academic world dismissed him as an amateur or grave robber or were just jealous of his success. For Damien, it was a mixed bag, he preferred his anonymity but some opportunities came his way because of the success and publicity.

Holly and her agents started dogging his footsteps, sometimes showing up at very inopportune times. In some cases, deal were blown because of her interference and he resents her nosiness. He learned to start hiding his movements and appearance as much as possible to avoid her. His skills with security systems and avoiding tracking systems has come in handy in dodging her, but even then, he can’t alway

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