Miya Talgal (fixer)

Name: Miya Talgal
Aliases: Miya Five Fingers, Alkai, Marilyn Tokawa
Date of Birth: 0212, 4420
Place of Birth: Glengarry I
Nationality: Albion
District: Core Sector Xb

Sex: Female                                   Age: 62
Height: 5’3”                                 Weight: 112lbs
Eyes: Cyber Blue                         Hair: Black
Scars and Marks: Multiple tattoos on her body from when she was part of the Yakuza
Occupation: Diplomat, Negotiator, Fixer
Most Recent Residence: Pelagos Free Station

Not much is known about Miya before she appeared as a runner at the age of 19. It is believed she worked the streets of Glengarry when she was younger as a “Dump Rat”, a person who worked out of Glengarry’s ship graveyard.

For almost twenty years she worked as a successful runner, earning a reputation of a solid, trustable place to go when a job needed to be done. She worked for underworld organizations such as the Yakuza, Mafia, and Triads. She was injured several times and slowly built up her body with cybernetics and biotech.

By the age of 30 she was doing work for corporations and began to be a runner less and less and instead started arranging runs instead for these same corporations. By the time she was 50 she became one of the premiere fixers for corporate and national interests, with the occasional job from the Yaks.

In 4482 her transport was attacked and captured by a Mo’tar raiding band. Resulting in her being taken to Kaledon to await ransom or execution.


About Redband Station

A middle aged gamer, photographer, accountant and social justice warrior.
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