Major NPC’s

Below are a list of all the non-crew, non-player characters who are involved in the world. They range from corporate representatives, criminals, and other races. This list will be continually upgraded as new people are met, and current people’s relationships change.

Smalls, Thomas – a high level criminal that was returned to authorities by the crew when they boarded the Tartarus. Things were left in a tense moment, but it is unknown how he feels about them.

miyatalgalTalgal, Miya – A moderately powerful fixer with contacts in underworld, corporate and national organizations. She specializes in connections between people.

Tolen – a human trader/smuggler with extensive contacts throughout this area of space. In addition he is a collector of antiquities, both legal and semi-legal (read illegal).

Warband: Hand of Coal – A traveling warband, friendly with crew of the Rosenrot. Two leaders, the shaman is named Red Tooth and Silent Knife is the lead warrior..