Will the mechanic

Full Name: Will “Deathstorm”

Picture coming soon

Picture coming soon

Player: Wolsey
Race: Beastman
Height: 6’7” Plus horns bringing him to close to 7’ tall
Weight: 375 pounds
Eyes: Yellow Brown goat eyes
Hair: Dark Brown
Build: Very muscular

Physical Description: Very tall brown caprigor. He’s an anthropomorphic goat headed humanoid with hooves and horns. He has a scattering of scars. He wears cargo shorts, and no shoes related to the hooves. He wears a vest, and a satchel. His vest also has pockets. His satchel has tools in them. He also tends to carry tools and bits and bobs in his vest and short pockets.

Place of Birth: He was born mid journey through the warp to a different planet in the Painted Fist nursery band.

Living or Dead Relatives: 

  • Iron Hooves – Mother
  • Dark Horns – First boss
  • Merry Maker – Shaman, older brother

Personality: He’s generally terse, and vaguely insulting. He doesn’t ever lie, though, and tends to have a good heart. He’s very aware of his people, and of how the human universe works. He’s often likely to lend a helping hand, but in the way a Beastman would do it.

Character Sheet List:

Missions Involved With:
Episode 1: Introductions
Episode 2: Chrysalis
Episode 3: Snobby Elves and Tasers
Episode 4: Bright Pool
Episode 5: Cooter Punch


Will was raised in the Painted Fist warband. It was a nursery band led by his mother, Iron Hooves. He grew up strong, and with the status accorded a young beastman with such a pedigree. He has always been exceptional, physically. He’s above average intelligence. By all the signs, he was the perfect Beastman. He is brown furred, and has a very good rack of ram’s horns.

He learned to fight early on, and excelled. He was smart, and agile. By all the shaman’s signs he was a shoe in for becoming a successful chaos champion.

As such, he was able to join a successful warband led by Dark Horns, a chaos champion bovigor who was balancing allegiances to both Khorne and Nurgle. Will gained the name Deathstorm during his decade of fighting in Dark Horns warband. He was a monster in battle, and was Dark Horns chosen protege. As such, he learned a lot about chaos gods, and his people’s role in their plans.

There wasn’t a single instance in Will’s life that changed his perception. He had no regrets about the raids that characterized life in a Chaos warband. Killing people, raiding for gear, and helping with sacrifices to the gods never bothered his sensibilities. In the warband he was accepted with his bloodlust, and seen as an up and coming leader.

However, he was smart enough to see that Beastmen were brutalized in their service to the gods. Chaos gods disrupted Beastmen lives more than enhanced them. It was impossible to settle down, and become an independent race when the warp reached out and took your best and brightest. Those with the most promise were usually those taken as champions by the various gods with promises.

It’s true that those promises of power were often granted, but the very nature of Chaos made it impossible for the champion to do anything but slavishly commit themselves to their god’s goals. Chaos gods don’t have goals that include caring for their own followers, and even the most capable Beastman become warped, and crazed with warp taint eventually by their association with the gods.

There wasn’t really an option for the race as a whole to deny the gods, though. Beastmen had no access to real physical space in any real way. Seen as thugs and animalistic by the other races in general, they were rarely afforded opportunities other than as front line soldiers. The different races and corporations rarely afforded Beastmen opportunities any better than the chaos gods did. Sure there was a lessened risk for mutations, but there was also a lessened gain in goods and power.

It was all this, over the years, that wore at Will. Eventually, he said his farewells to his bandmates, and started off to see if he could find a way to live that didn’t include servitude to the gods, or to the Empire and her many splinter factions.

He traveled the stars using his skills as a fighter for a few years, learning and watching. He signed onto a pirate ship called the Bleeding Fury, more for the name than anything. It was a fugitive living ship, piloted by a human named Dorian. The Bleeding Fury was the lead ship for a small cadre of pirate vessels that menaced the commerce ways.

It was during his time on this ship that he was on a free station named Carnation Station (Daikan. . . don’t ask), and he saw an altercation with a young human woman and some security guards. They were demanding to look over a baby she was holding.

The woman, named Zoe, was trying to fight them off. The baby was unwrapped, revealing horns. The guards were calling for a member of the Holy See, and Will decided to step in. The baby was a gave child. Either half blooded, or born of warp influences, it was a beastmen baby.

Will stepped in, and asked the guards what they were doing with his child? They backed up, and since it was a freehold, it took only a little menacing and some persuasion to take the baby and the woman. A beastman father would account for the horns, and there was no further need for The See to be called in.

Zoe was a minor warp witch. She cast spells, and traveled with races that did not meet approval from the Empire at large. She had been traveling with a warband of pleasure god followers, and fond herself pregnant. The baby was named Carl’s Song for her father, and was a perfectly healthy Beastmen girl, albeit on the human looking side of the spectrum. She had no magic or psionic abilities, and was unmarked by chaos.

Zoe wasn’t interested in being a mother, and was trying to get the child to a beastmen band, but wasn’t having any luck. Will stepped in, and said he’d take Carl’s Song. Zoe was relieved. Beastmen children are headstrong, and generally hard for humans to raise.

He brought the tiny baby back to the ship, and carried her on his back everywhere.

The ship mechanic was an older human, ex-empire mechanic named Lucas. Lucas decided the Will needed a professional that wasn’t going to get him killed, leaving the new baby orphaned, and took him in as an apprentice mechanic. Will spent close to ten years working on the fleets ships, and the Bleeding Fury, honing his skills.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and the Bleeding Fury bit off more than they could chew, and the Empire sent a squad out specifically to chase them down. Will decided he needed to move on, with Carl’s Song, now called Trouble, because he was pretty sure they might be loosing that fight sooner than later. He hoped he was wrong, but he couldn’t take the chance with the child.

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