Cesta Osudor

Full Name: Cesta Osudor

Player: NPC
Gender: Male
Race: Altharin
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 145 pounds
Eyes: Sea blue
Hair: Silver
Build: Very Slender

Physical Description: Cesta is like most of his race, tall, slender and very attractive. His silver hair falls to his mid back, while his pointed ears stick up almost to the top of his head (sticking out of the hair).

The rest of Cesta is similar to a human that is in shape, his lankiness and smoothness of movement give the appearance of a daintiness about him. Cesta tends to wear blue and grey clothing that allows ease of movement. There is always a small pack that hangs off his hip, usually with a book inside.

Place of Birth: Cesta was born on the Felanti world ship. He is unaware of its current status since he was taken as a younger altharin in combat.

Living or Dead Relatives: 

  • Believed all family is long dead.

Personality: Cesta tends to speak quietly and with a precision not seen in most people. Even with this formality, every once in a while a glint appears in his eye belying the calm state he puts forth. In addition Cesta takes giving his word seriously. If he promises something, a person can be sure he will do everything he can to make it right.

Missions Involved With:
Episode 2: Chrysalis
Episode 3: Snobby Elves and Tasers
Episode 4: Bright Pool
Episode 5: Cooter Punch


There is not much known about Cesta at this time.

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