General Game Information

The briefest description of this game is that the group of players do several things. The primary goal is to find ancient artifacts (for various reasons) and get rich. This is done traveling on a “living ship” with a map they have secured and they are traversing the “Rim” our outer lands of known space. To do this they need money which they get by conducting generally illegal activities. This results in the game having the following components:

  • They conduct missions against powerful organizations/individuals, much in the spirit of “Shadowrun” games (this includes magic and cyberware active in the universe). It is not actually shadowrun, but there are elements there.
  • They search lost places, dungeons and abandoned planets in a conglomeration of dungeon delving in D&D and old school Star Frontiers tradition of play.
  • They will become enmeshed in politics like any good modern sci-fi/fantasy book series.
  • They are already wanted individuals (at least some of them) and will always be keeping an eye over their backs.

The pages on this website encompass all the general information needed for the campaign. While some of this may presented in game, most of this info is general out of game information (rules, modes of travel, etc).

In game references such as empire/corporate/misc write ups will be presented in their own sections. Please see the navigation links to the right.

General Campaign Info: This information details the basic information people new to the game will need such as advantages/disadvantages that are useful, Tech Level, basic overall understanding of the rules.

Modes of Travel: These are the normal modes of interstellar travel in the game. There are a multitude of in game