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Mo’tar (Maurader Race)

Mo’tar (Maurader Race) Attribute Adjustment: ST+2 [+20pts]; DX-1 [-20pts]; IQ-1 [-20pts]; HT+2 [+20pts] Secondary Characteristic Adjustment: SM+1 Origin: Mo’tar IV Tech Level: 10 – Low TL-1 [-5pts] Racial Advantages: Damage Resistance 5 (Tough Skin, -40%, Physical, -20%) [+10pts] Racial Disadvantages: … Continue reading

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Barghest (creature)

BARGHEST The barghest resembles an oversized mastiff, either pure white or pure black. Its short fur lies at on its body, creating the impression that its hide is naked, and spines protrude the length of its back. Its eyes shine … Continue reading

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