The Campaign Pages

Below are linked the various pages (that contain posts) that deal with the actual campaigns, including character and major npc listings, session reports, player logs, artwork submitted, etc.

The crew are the focus of this campaign. They are part of the ship the Rosenrot (the Rose Red) and comprise of the player and non-player characters the campaign is focused on. This page will be continuously updated with new characters, retiring characters and any other changes.

MAJOR NPC’s (click link)
Below are a list of all the non-crew, non-player characters who are involved in the world. They range from corporate representatives, criminals, and other races. This list will be continually upgraded as new people are met, and current people’s relationships change.

Session Summaries are the collection of write ups for each session. The basic story will be outlined as it goes (with embellishments by the Fringe News Network, or insights if its a captain’s log).

LOCATIONS (click link)
The various locations investigated by the group. This will be updated as the investigations and explorations continue.