Captain’s Log: Info Snatch

Date:  0512,4482

Outside Core Sector on Pelagos Station

Destination:              Pelagos Station
Port of Departure:   N/A
Date:                             0512,4482
Port of Arrival:         N/A
Date:                             0512,4482

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Damien Freeman
Cesta Usador

Enemies Encountered: A “See” courier

Space Conditions: Local space was quiet, no enemy combatants or neutral forces present around the station.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose of going to Pelagos was to secure a storefront for sales of our goods. Turned out we also did a snatch and grab of info from a See Courier.


The group led by Damien went out and met with Dockmaster Janet DelaCruz from Section E03 in the docking area. They reviewed two different storefronts and settled on the smaller one, capable of holding some samples and conducting business, but not too large to attract too much attention.

During their time there, they met up with Miya, the fixer that was rescued a few weeks before. She had learned of a See Courier that was staying at the Golden Lion Hotel, a large upscale place.

Miya felt obligated due to her rescue to provide this information along with disguise kits. The information that the Courier was carrying would undoubtably be high value and help pay back the group for their assistance.

The group consisted of Damien, Will, Illiana, Cesta and Ezelle. They rented a room with their disguises down the hall from the Courier’s room. At three in the morning they struck quickly, using Ezelle they got past the bio scanners and tasered the courier. They secured the data on a memory chip and retreated with no damage, no casualties and with no one having a clue as to who they were.

They returned to Rose with no problems. It was a job well done.

XP Award: 5
Related Logs: None

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