Pelagos is a place outside of the core space with few laws. Attracting pirates, corporations, outlawed religions and even just those wanting to start a new life. It is a small moon/planetoid that was hollowed out as a warp gate base by the ancients, then built upon for the last 270 years by explorers from every interested nation/corporation resulting in a place that you can get anything.

Population: 5,000,000+

  • Humans: 71%
  • Daikan: 12%
  • Beastmen: 4%
  • Other: 13%

Population Density: 35,000+/km2
Per Capita Income: 26,000 credits
Below Poverty Level: 42%
Corporate-Affiliated: 52%
Felonious Crime Rate: 18 per 1,000 per annum
Hospitals: 51
Space Ports: 3
Shipyards: 1 Greater, 3 lesser
Defense systems: ***CLASSIFIED***
FTL Transmission Towers: 9 Public, 21 Private.

Main districts:

Districts will be added as these are finished.

Central Core – The center of business and entertainment for the station. (writeup coming soon).

Unofficial districts/neighborhoods

The Tubes – Named officially Pelagos Mass Transit, the Tubes are the hundreds of transport tubes between the different districts, criss-crossing almost all areas. Different groups take up residence in these tunnels.  (writeup coming soon).
The Boondocks (Boonies) – Many small planetoids/asteroids/stations orbit around Pelagos. These are often owned by corporations, crime syndicates and nation-states. (writeup coming soon).
The Underbelly –  The service crawl ways/hatchways/tunnels/storage levels and many other hidden areas that are said to be connected. The poorest and most hunted live here.  (writeup coming soon).
The Dig – The sealed off areas that are believed to run into the ancient’s section of the station. They also call portions of the planet that Pelagos orbits “the Dig” because of other artifacts found down there. (writeup coming soon).


Pelagos Free Station is an independent “station” or Free Hold. It was found in 4213 by explorers as a site for an ancient race. The location was far outside of the core systems, under no nation or corporations claimed area of space. The ancients had built a station into the planetoid and set up an 8 address warp station, allowing up to 8 warp gates to be opened if the station new the correct address to dial. This is one of the very few warp gate central facilities that is not controlled by the See.

The power source was the core of the planet below, which gave plenty of power to the station. The problem was the ancient technology used to tap this power is failing, resulting in brown and blackouts for those less affluent districts.

Over the next 270 years, the small. planetoid (think small moon) was built by succeeding generations of families, corporations and national interests. In this day there are several districts recognized (and a few more not recognized) where millions of people go about their day working for various corporations, research teams or Pelagos itself. The station is also a favorite home port for pirates and thieves, since the station itself is its own entity and keeps a very loose idea on laws.

This lack of over-regulation has resulted in many corporations themselves coming to Pelagos, to use it for research, laundering other projects or just staying away from prying eyes.

In addition the Station has one of the few starship dry docks in the surrounding systems. Meaning ships come here all the time for refits, repairs, etc. This means heavy trading occurs on the station due to piracy, corporations, and ships docking on the station regularly.

There are some minor asteroid and planetoid bases surrounding the station, they are patrolled rarely, meaning private security is needed for those places along with on the station itself.


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