Galactic Information

Things listed here in the galaxy have to do with histories, maps, planets and powers that be. This is an incomplete listing and will be updated as we go. The sections that fall under this heading are:


These pages cover the most powerful players in the galaxy. This will be added to as the players explore the galaxy.

  • Galaxy Powers – Nation States: Still the most powerful entities in total in the galaxies. These states are comprised of humans with other races participating in the government of some nations. At this time none of the powerful nations are comprised only of non-humans.
  • Galaxy Powers – Corporations: While not the most powerful in total, these entities individually can match some of the lesser nation states and in total can even pressure the largest nation states. Unlike nation states, the goal of these entities is not furthering their cultural/political hegemony for the people, rather profit is the goal.
  • Galaxy Powers – The See: The single most powerful entity in the galaxy, the See do not engage with other states when they can avoid it. Their control of the gates is enough to keep them rich and searching for their goals.

Below are listed different areas of note, including a listing of all planets, star systems, ships used by the different powers, etc.

  • Galactic Cosmology: A writeup of planets, systems and other galaxy bodies by the players. Eventually this will include in depth maps.
  • Starships: the life blood of the galaxy, without the modern marvel of these machines none of the powers in the galaxy would maintain any position.