Corporation: Kaliyama Weapons

Kaliyama Weapons Industries

Kali-Yama_WeaponsRating: Galactic AAA (ranked #21)
Alison Ryce-O’Neil
Alphonse Miyard
Corporate Status:
Major Shareholders:
Baron Joshua Standard (21%)
Krupps Industries (20%)
Trish Kullian (12%)
Michelle Wassen (6%)
Oscar Meyer (17%)

Vital Statistics

Corporate Language: English, Common
Corporate Court Justice: Michelle Lanker

Major Subsidiaries

Weapons and Munitions

  • Kali Heavy Weapons (starship weaponry)
  • KLW: Kali Light Weaponry (weaponry, individuals)
  • Kali Munition Cooperative (munitions for all types of weapons)

One of Albion’s most significant military manufacturers,  Kaliyama has benefited greatly from mass exports to other powers outside of Albion. Though such exports offer a lower profit margin than domestic sales because of border tariffs, they have nonetheless netted the company considerable sums of cash and credit, much of which Kaliyama has invested in modernizing and upgrading factories and the development of new technologies.

The past few years have seen CEO Ryce-O’Neil locked in protracted negotiations with Kaliyama’s business partners, the Alphard Trading Corporation. Race-O’Niel is attempting to buyout the Krupps portion of ownership of the corporation and the Alphard Trading Corporations ties with other corporations could allow this.

The Alphard board seems open to the possibilities, but the CEO’s efforts have been hampered by the Alemannia government, who is a major stakeholder in Krupps. Security concerns have curtailed Kaliyama trips to Alemannia space, and Ryce-O’Neil has vented her frustration through a series of political maneuvers on Kaliyama’s unofficial Merchants’ Council.


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Captain’s Log: Centaur

Date:  0330,4482

Muiz III

Destination:              Muiz Star System
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             0312,4482
Port of Arrival:        Myrina V
Date:                             0401,4482

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Dr. Poosh
Powers Booth
Cesta Usador
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: Kharne War Raiders lead by a single “Fallen (Warp)” Legionnaire (unknown Legion).

Space Conditions: Local space was quiet, after two weeks of being in system hostile forces arrived in a Spectre class Corvette. Space was cleared within 16 hours.

Purpose of Arrival: To investigate the last known location of the living ship Centaur, an Albion living ship that disappeared  in 4412.


As part of our reward for returning Thomas Smalls to the responsible parties was the location of a few last known positions of lost living ships. We are hoping to be able to scavenge these locations and refit Astrid as much as we can.

We arrived on station and began a system scan. System wide there didn’t seem to be any concerns. When we scanned Muiz III however we found not only the Centaur, but a second short range salvage ship.

It turns out that both ships were abandoned. It appeared that the Centaur crashed about 60 years ago. The crew survived mostly the impact. In turn they waited a rescue which arrived about two weeks later.

A salvage team from the Nadir corporation arrived and began rescue operations. Evidently before the operations could be completed a Kharne raider group arrived and took both the crew of the Nadir ship, and the Centaur. At some point in time the living ship pilot was sealed away and eaten by something or someone.

Once we established the situation (including discovering a sacrificed Nadir corp person tortured on a St. Andrew’s cross) we confirmed there were no enemy combatants in the area. Will took command of the salvage and began to move people around. He will make a good captain in the future.

After two weeks of salvage operation, about 70% complete, we detected an incoming Debner class assault shuttle. The landing team lead by Will split. The fighters (comprised of Will, Illiana and Vanth) arranged themselves outside the ship and prepared to snipe the incoming bandits while Boothe, Trouble, Dr. Poosh and Cesta remained inside.

The Warp Raiders did not anticipate armed resistance, the first seven cultists out of the ship were cut down by the fighter team with no injuries. It was over in a matter of six seconds.

During this time, Rose engaged the Killsha class corvette named “the Starvation” that the assault shuttle came in on. Rose utilized a Red 3 Sideways slip attack pattern and splashed the corvette with a single torpedo. A second plasma torpedo was sent into the remains to ensure no warp raider survivors from the corvette.

Back on the planet and after some delay a Warp Legionnaire of Kharne (unknown Legion affiliation) approached. Its power armor was fairly effective and we discovered that we will need to secure armor piercing rounds for those who do not have an elder weapon.

However, once the situation was appraised Illiana approached the Legionnaire in hunting mode while Vanth damaged the Legionnaire with the shuriken rifle. Meanwhile Will placed several damaging shots in the weak points of the armor.

However, in the end. the death of the Legionnaire was due to Illiana’s expert hand to hand ability with her force sword. She chopped the legionnaire’s hand off then gutted him from groin to chest. Definitely glad she is with us.

We finished the salvage operation 5 days later and now are back enroute to Myrna V to put Rose into the dry dock.

Maybe we can figure out how to get her to leave the sarcophagus.

XP Award: 5
Salvage/Booty: 8,920 spools worth of neural net
Related Logs: None

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Warp Legionnaire

A Warp Legionnaire sworn to Kharne

Warp Legionnaire
Races: Human (although it is said over the course of thousands of years the warriors are no longer human).

ST: 23,    DX: 18,     IQ: 18,   HT:17,     HP: 21,   FP: 18 Will: 19,  Vision: 18,     Hearing: 18,   Taste/Smell: 19 Spd: 9   Move: 9 Dodge: 12  Parry: 11

Relative Skills: armory (17), brawling (13), driving-armored-vehicles (16), electronics-comm (19), fast-draw-smg (13), first-aid (18), freefall (13), guns-light-auto (14), guns-pistol (15), guns-rifle (16), knife (13), nbc-warfare (20), piloting-low-performance (14), savoire-fair-legion (18), survival (18)

Relative Advantages: absolute direction, fit, marksman, single minded, depending on the condition of the gene seed could be several more. This doesn’t include cybernetics used to repair or enhance their abilities.

Relative Disadvantages: Hunted, duty (legion), some warp legionnaires have a bit of warp touch (more than some) on an individual basis.

Armor:  Legionnaire Power Armor (150/100)(see detailed description below the Details).


Name                    Type      Dam.   Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Bolter Rifle.           A. Rifle   9d+1 pi   5+1  800/3,600  10   50+1(3)   -5         2
Franchi SPAS-12   Shot        1d+1 pi   3    40/800.       3×9  7+1(2i)    -5      1/5      Ω*
Heavy Pistol           Pistol     3d pi       2    180/2,000    3    12+1 (3)   -3        3       2*
*Notes: 1- GURPS High-Tech, 2 – GURPS Ultra Tech

Details: Warp Legionnaires are members of the “Fallen” legions of the Empire. These Orders of men and women were the best, brightest of the Empire. After they formed into separate orders that were named Legions.

These legions developed differently depending on the old Emperor’s needs and their experiences. Once the empire had fallen, the legions continued on as independents, sometimes acting as mercenaries, sometimes as bandits.

The Legionnaire’s now are still some of the most formidable individual warriors in the galaxy. The “Fallen” legions went rogue and in many cases they began following warp powers. Their purpose and mission is unknown outside of each Legion except the gain of power

Legionnaire Power Armor 

As a side note, each legion modifies their suits and generally they have more “surprises” based on the legion, power they worship (if warp) and personal taste. Some Legionnaires have higher level suits, so this is only a general basis.

These highly-mobile suits can fight in almost any environment. They have enough life support to keep the user alive for days in a contaminated war zone. They are smaller than TL9 combat walkers, but still stand seven feet tall and are bulky (SM +1).

The armor is a thick shell of laminated nanocomposites and ceramic armor over an inner layer of shock-absorbing liquid armor. This gives torso protection equal to at least three inches of steel plate. It also has integral superconductor-based electromagnetic armor, which doubles the suit’s DR against shaped-charge warheads and plasma bolts. The electromagnetic armor operates off a separate D cell and is good for 10 uses.

A powered exoskeleton amplifies the user’s muscles and ground speed. Except for the helmet, the armor’s weight does not count as encumbrance while powered up. It is powered by an integral radiothermal generator which operates it for up to 10 years.

The suit’s helmet includes a filter mask (p. 177), an inertial compass (p. 74), hearing protection (p. 171), a hyperspectral visor (p. 61), a small laser comm (p. 44), and a medium radio (p. 44). The suit’s body incorporates biomedical sensors (p. 187), trauma maintenance (p. 189), a provisions dispenser (p. 187) with a week’s provisions, tactical ESM (p. 62), and a waste relief system (p. 187). The suit also has infrared cloaking (p. 99) and radar stealth (p. 100).

With its helmet on, it is sealed, and has climate control (-459° F to 500°F), pressure support (10 atm.), radiation protection (PF 5), and vacuum support. It has two large air tanks with a 72-hour air supply at TL 10.

The suit’s exoskeleton grants Lifting and Striking ST+20. It has Basic Move +2 and Super Jump 1.


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Warp Raider

Raider on Titaneve III

Human Warp Raider
Races: All (even Altharin), example is human though. If they are non-human, stats are adjusted accordingly.

ST: 12,    DX: 13,     IQ:10,   HT:14,     HP: 13,   FP: 15
Will: 8,  Vision: 10,     Hearing: 9,   Taste/Smell: 8
Spd: 6.75   Move: 6    Dodge: 9  Parry (boxing): 9

Relative Skills: animal control (8), boxing(12), brawling (12), driving (13), driving-armored vehicle (15), fast-draw-clip (14), fast-draw-pistol (12), guns-light-auto (13), guns-pistol (15), guns-rifle (15), launcher-missile (13), savoir-faire-warp (10), stealth (12), streetwise (9)

Relative Advantages: Some raiders have a bit of warp touch that is positive, not many but some on an individual basis.

Relative Disadvantages: Gregarious, hunted, duty (warp power or band), some raiders have a bit of warp touch (more than some) on an individual basis.

In the Field: 
Various heavy suits (12/4), Armored Gloves (6/2), Armored Tactical Vest (18/7 – can have trauma plates +34 for on duty soldiers), TL 10 Assault Boots (18/9).
In Civilian Areas: Modified depending on situation.


Name                    Type      Dam.   Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Izhmash AK-47     A. Rifle   5d+1 pi   5+1  800/3,600  11   30+1(3)   -4         2       1*
Franchi SPAS-12   Shot        1d+1 pi   3    40/800.        3×9  7+1(2i)    -5      1/5      1*
Heavy Pistol           Pistol      3d pi       2     180/2,000    3    12+1 (3)   -3         3       2*
*Notes: 1- GURPS High-Tech, 2 – GURPS Ultra Tech

Details: Warp Raiders are the rank and file of raiding bands. They can vary anywhere from human, to Beastmen, to others. They operate in all sizes as well, ranging from less than 10 people up to the bulk of warp armies.

The average warp raider lives to hunt, to steal, kill and take their share (or more if they can get away with it). They can worship any warp power (or none specifically) and their behavior, dress, weapons and mutations will reflect their chosen power.


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Muiz (Star System)

Name:             Muiz
Star Class:     G1 V – Yellow-Orange/ K5 V (Orange).
System ID:    182-12
Location:       Delian League Subsector
Control:          Outer Rim, no corporate/national control
Warp Gates:  None
Threats:          Scattered Raiders/Pirates/Warp Dangers

Max. Habitability: 0                                     Max. Affinity: 1
Mass:                           1.05/0.65 M(sol)           Age: 1.6 Billion Years
Luminosity:             1.05/1.05 L (sol)            Diameter: 0.021 A.U.
No. Planets:              7                                   No. Habitable Planets: 0 (1?)
No. Asteroids:         0                                    No. Moons/moonlets:  14/48
Planet: Muiz III Standard Ice Planet
Settlement: None
Other Items of note: Living Ship (Merchant) “Centaur”

Detailed Star System Readout: Muiz Star System

The system is unexplored in any official capacity. While there has been long distance system scanning, nothing important was noted by corporate or national interests. There are no known active warp gates and the planets do not seem to unusual to warrant the cost of a full exploration team.

The system has several hadean moons, ice moons, small and medium gas giants along with the normal assortment of moons and moonlets (see detailed star system readout for full details).

The standard ice planet itself is not necessarily habitable (at a whopping -22c temperature). However it is the site of a crashed living ship named the Centaur and is subject to recurring raids by a lost legion.

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Captain’s Log “Tartarus”

Date:  0303,4482

XP/Money Award: 5 / 83,333
Related Logs: Thomas Smalls

Destination:              Deep Space (20x/67x/111) from Pelagos
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             0225,44821
Port of Arrival:        Pelagos Station
Date:                            0303,44821

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Illiana Silentclaws
Dr. Poosh Ooblit Bandoo Danadda
Trouble Carlsong
Powers Boothe
Cesta Usador
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: Thomas Smalls (is he an enemy though)?

Space Conditions: Warp Incursion detected three days prior, space itself level 1, calm. In deep space, no nearby systems.

Purpose of Arrival: To retrieve criminal Thomas Smalls for the Albion Security Detail from the damaged ship ASL – Tartarus.


The Rose Red arrived off of the damaged ship ASL – Tartarus, an Albi0n prisoner transport. After we entered local space we conducted a level four detection scan and found no ships, systems or powers present in 2 jump radius.

We launched the shuttle and boarded the prison ship. Signs of Warp Incursion were present including contamination, mutation and foreign entity growth. The use of break in and entry capabilities, deadly force, spell work and screaming was utilized on a as needed basis. The prisoner was secured and was returned to authorities.

In return we were paid 1,000,000 credits and a location of a lost living ship (condition unknown). After the Rose took her share, each person was paid out $83,333 credits.

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Thomas Smalls (criminal)

Thomas  Small is a prisoner that was rescued by the team when the prison transport he was on failed to respond. It appears some sort of warp incursion had disrupted the ship.

Name: Thomas Smalls
Aliases: Gideon, The Butcher of Thoon IV
D.O.C. Number: M1123SD3319
Class: High Risk Offender – AAA Security
Recent Crime: Treason, Murder x 27, Terrorism lesser, Terrorism Greater.
Date of Arrest: 0713, 4479
Place of Arrest: Glhymdahl III
Arresting Officer: Lt. Marcy Piazza
Governing Entity: Albion
District: Core Sector IXa

Sex: Male                                      Age: 32
Height: 5’8”                                 Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Brown w/Gold Flecks     Hair: Black
Scars and Marks: Multiple gunshot and knife scars across body, barcode tattoo on neck with D.O.C. number, large dragon tattoo across back.
Birthdate: 0213, 4449
Birthplace: Grace VII
Nationality: Albion
Occupation: CLASSIFIED
Most Recent Residence: Highline Maximum Security Facility, Draydl III


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