Session Summary

Session Summaries are the brief write-up of the results of the game session. This is handled in many ways depending on how the session is written. If Damien’s reporter friend is present it is usually presented as a news report will detail (with embellishments) the story as it occurred. Sometimes it is written as a captain’s log, and sometimes a journal entry by a character (depending on the situations)

This does not include player logs, artwork submitted, or mission briefings. However, any submitted log/artwork/or mission briefings will be linked to at the beginning of the report.

Date                Type of Summary     Title                                   
07/08/2017       Captain’s Log              Merrymaker
05/12/2017        Captain’s Log              Info Grab
04/28/2017       Captain’s Log              Miya and the Bloody Tree
04/14/2017       FNN News Report      Unforeseen Consequences
03/30/2017       Captain’s Log              The Centaur
03/03/2017       Captain’s Log               Tartarus
02/27/2017       Trouble’s Log               Cyberlegging
01/15/2017        Trouble’s Log               Cooter Punch
12/06/2016        Captain’s Log               Bright Pool
11/18/2016         Trouble’s Log              Snobby Elves and Tasers
11/04/2016        Captain’s Log               Chrysalis
09/16/2016        FNN News Report      A New Book of Fairytales?