Crew of the Rosenrot

The crew are the focus of this campaign. They are part of the ship the Rosenrot (the Rose Red) and comprise of the player and non-player characters the campaign is focused on. This page will be continuously updated with new characters, retiring characters and any other changes.


  • Damien Freeman, is a secretive, yet alluring xeno-archealogist. His rise from his low rung armed freighter family, to a short career in the military, somehow not participating much in the war to a superstar in the xeon-archeology world.
  • Will, a beastman mechanic, warp traveler and ex-warbander. In an unusual turn of fate, he has the ability to work as a mechanic, and not just a normal mechanic but a living ship mechanic, who is also the caretaker of a young, abandoned human child.
  • Dr. Poosh Ooblit Bandoo Danadda, a renowned Ool combat doctor. He is skilled in cybernetic, battle and several other types of surgery. He is very friendly and appears reliable.
  • Vanth, is an anachronism, from a primitive technology world, he is an unknown outsider here in the core. It still remains to be seen what he is here for. What could the Heavy-G worlder want here.
  • Illiana, is her own mystery. The green eyes of a Mishar under a disheveled hair cut leaves her looking like a lost girl, not ready to be far from home. However, the cats are known to be brutal warriors. What could the group need with her. Are they hunting the warp?
  • Captain Fischer, a captain from the Imperial Alemannia Navy. The second in command to the infamous Hans Mueller has done no favors for this old captain. He is wanted on many planets for being part of the crew of the Silver Wolf. A feared stealth ship responsible for more than 200 ship losses during the war.
  • Astrid Eloise Fischer, aka Rose Red (The Rosenrot), a recently renamed and with a new pilot K-Boat (stealth ship) known previously as the Silver Wolf. One of the three most wanted stealth ships during the war. 
  • Powers Booth, the local Daikan scofflaw who’s main responsibility is to secure the ship supplies. He also acts as the ship’s fixer in finding jobs for the crew to engage in.
  • Carl’s Song, aka Trouble, a young gave child being raised by Will. Her human looks hides her beastman race and she keeps her small horns covered with her hair.
  • Ezelle, the Decoder, A recently rescued Fiale commoner who has the ability to decode the map the crew uses for other dig sites.
  • Cesta Usador, a rescued Altharin slave who is magically capable.


Alanna Hedges, a disowned psyker female, hunted by corporations, and working for the underworld using her witch like abilities to distract and disarm. Alanna is known far and wide for her criminal use of illusions. It is unknown why she left the crew, except that she just went to shore one day and never came back.