Powers Boothe

Criminal History Report for Powers Boothe
CrimeID: 77-13RD3-4478PB

Powers Booth mug shot.

Dated: May 12, 4481

Name: Powers Boothe (NPC)                                                             Gender: Hermphrodite

Aliases/aka:  John Wilkes Boothe, Edwin Booth, Shirley Booth, Booth Savage, Booth Gardener, Booth Tarkington, Asia Booth, Lauren Booth, Lucy Booth, William Booth the Archbishop, Arthur Power the Admiral, Taryn Power, Tyrone Power, Captain Power, Katie Power,

Born: 2247                       Trade: Scofflaw                 Race: Daikan       Composure: Fresh
Build: Slender.                 Eyes: Blue.                         Ht: 5’7″                  Hair: Dirty Blonde

Marks/Scars:  7 tattoos across back and left buttock including a devil girl (left shoulderblade), three skulls (right shoulderblade), a purple flower (left buttock), grandfather clock (left inner thigh),  mustache (on left forefinger).

Description: Boothe likes to dress in new clothes regularly. He has an eclectic older style and favors large scarves and hats. He flashes money around, and tends to overindulge for his friends.

Criminal History (includes multiple charges each of): larceny, assault, petty theft, prostitution, public intoxication, simple assault, disorderly conduct, trespass, vandalism, reckless driving, discharging a firearm within city limits, possession of Hornwart (cannabis), relations with a married woman, relations with a married man, relations with same sex partner, relations with a non-sentient creature (he claims this is not him), burglary, grand theft auto, with more crimes being revealed each time there is a search.

Background: Not much is known about Boothe except he was born on the living ship “Mercedes on fire” that was colonized by Daikan. He left at a very early age to find treasures and adventure. He has not had children, therefore Boothe is not considered an adult by Daikan. Boothe’s criminal record is rapidly growing, but is mostly consisting of petty crimes.

Sessions Involved In:


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