Galaxy Powers – Nation States

The powers that exert control in the galaxy comprise of three sources. Empires/System states which are nations with different forms of governments that control varied areas of the galaxy. The See, a semi-religious organization that controls most of the gates, and finally the major corporate powers that have grown as giant merchant houses, even rivaling some of the major nation states. Please note these are brief descriptions, the goal is to have entire write ups for these states linked off their names in the future.

Below is a complete list of the Major Empires/System States that are implemented so far. No links are yet implemented for any states.


  • Albion – Albion is the largest empire still standing. It used the 5th War to increase it’s holdings almost 50%. It has influence in much further reaches of space then before. It is a parliamentary Monarchy meaning there is a royal family that shares power with an elected parliament. Albion gives support to corporations that operate from its kingdom, in return for the use of those corporate resources in its colonization of far reaches of the galaxy. The navy is the strongest in the galaxy next to the See.
  • Iberian Kingdom – Before the 5th Interstellar war, it had the second largest Imperial navy (but the highest technology navy other than the See) and more colonies than any other empire, however it is a failing kingdom with many of its colonies gone. It fought with the Alemannia, and had the Albion navy cornered, but an unexpected warp storm ripped apart the Iberian Kingdom’s navy. Built on a monarchy with a divine mandate, the Iberian Kingdom is the most expansive in outlook, always searching for new resources.
  • Merovingian Kingdom of Orleans – Once considered the center of culture in the Galaxy, it is now the most devastated kingdom from the 5th Interstellar War. At one point or another its entire holdings were the subject of battles. It is barely in recovery from the war. Most of its systems have been recovered (with additional colonies taken from the Alemannia). It is under rule of a strict monarchy, with a lot of civil unrest percolating under the surface.
  • Devlet-i Ebed-Müddet (The Eternal State) – The last remnant of the Imperium (that ended in 3621 ASF). It is a state ruled by multiple families who all owe allegiance to the Sultan. At one point it was one of the strongest kingdoms, but over the centuries that power has waned. In an effort to re-establish its power, the Eternal State joined Alemannia and the Iberian Kingdom. It is a resource rich kingdom, but its technology is less than most, and the State’s ability to harvest those resources has declined. The defeat during the war has seemed to irrevocably shatter the ruling structure and the State is slipping apart.
  • Ruthenia – is a newly reinvented state. Initially was under the monarchy system, a recent uprising during the 5th Interstellar War (resulting in Ruthenia bowing out of the end of the war and losing any position on the wining side because of it). The uprising resulted in the ruling family’s assassination and the implementation of a very hard line state. Scattered across resource poor systems, the Ruthenia Empire is large but barren. It originally had a very low technology military, but made up for it in size with ground forces (second only in size to the Han). It is now putting all of its resources forward trying to advance its technology.
  • Alemannia – suffered the biggest loss from the war, most of its colonies were taken as a result of the 5th War. The Alemannia Empire has a strong military tradition and prided itself on its military accomplishments. The Alemannia Systems are comprised of multiple smaller kingdoms that owe allegiance to the Chancellor. The Alemannia military doctrine is considered one of the most effective by the other states. During the war, they started with the most advanced “stealth ships” that were used to harass trade and conduct raids on other empires facilities.
  • Kingdom of Tan – Considered the most closed off of all the major nation powers. It consists of a very large military and a very large area. The Tan have some of the most valuable resources that many of the other powers vie to trade with. The Tan never took part of the 5th war though, they are under constant raids by smaller kingdoms and pirates and with such a large area their military is scattered in a constant operation to quell not only raids, but uprisings. The Tan take their borders very seriously, and do not put up with

Pelagos Free Station in the Pelagos system which is part of the League of Delos. This is the homeport for the Rose Red and her crew. It is also the home for many corporations to conduct business in a high risk/high reward environment.

Dozens of both larger and smaller kingdoms exist as well as hundreds of individual systems. These will be added to as needed.