Carl’s Song (Trouble)

Full Name: Carl’s Song (Trouble)


“Trouble” on shore leave with her father when living on the Bleeding Fury. Her horns hidden normally to “pass” in human society.

Player: NPC (Will’s dependent)
Race: Beastman
Height:  4’6″
Weight:  97lbs
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blonde
Build:  Slender
Physical Description: Trouble is what the Beastmen call a “Gave Child”, meaning a child born of a beastman and non-beastman mating but who appears as a human  like (or other non-beastman race) child.

The human appearance is often something that changes after full puberty, but until then Trouble appears as a bit of a feral human child with short horns that she keeps hidden under her blonde hair.

Place of Birth: Carnation Station (Daikan Hold)
Date of Birth: Sometime 4470
Living or Dead relatives: Will aka “Deathstorm” Beastman warrior now Mechanic for the living ship Rose Red, Zoe, mother (unknown location).
Personality: Undetermined

Character Sheet List:

Journal Entries:
Episode 2: Snobby Elves and Tasers

Missions Involved With:
Episode 0: Introductions
Episode 1: Chrysalis
Episode 2: Snobby Elves and Tasers


Trouble was born on Carnation Station to a warp witch named Zoe. When she was an infant her mother was accosted due to Trouble’s small horns. Will, who she considers her father, a beastman, stopped the accosting with some persuasion and rescued the child and mother.

Trouble’s mother Zoe was a minor warp witch. She cast spells, and traveled with races that did not meet approval from the different nation states at large. She had been traveling with a warband of pleasure god followers, and found herself pregnant. The baby was named Carl’s Song for her father, and was a perfectly healthy Beastmen girl, albeit on the human looking side of the spectrum. She had no magic or psionic abilities, and was unmarked by chaos.

Zoe wasn’t interested in being a mother, and was trying to get the child to a beastmen band, but wasn’t having any luck. Will stepped in, and said he’d take Carl’s Song. Zoe was relieved. Beastmen children are headstrong, and generally hard for humans to raise.

He brought the tiny baby back to the ship, and carried her on his back everywhere.

Trouble spent almost all of her life on a raiding ship called “The Bleeding Fury”. Will raised her as his own and she has only known Will as her father. She grew close to other people on the Fury, such as Lucas, the mechanic that trained Will. Her life on the ship  consisted of learning how to work on a living ship, aiding her father and Lucas in tasks such as reaching points in the duct work that they were too big for

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and the Bleeding Fury bit off more than they could chew, and the Empire sent a squad out specifically to chase them down. Her father Will decided he needed to move on, with Carl’s Song, now called Trouble.

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