Recent History


The Fifth Interstellar War began in 4371 ASF (After Stellar Flight) and involved the current major powers of the galaxy. (see Major Powers here).

The start of the war began small enough, when the “Royal System of Atta”, a small allied state with Albion was attacked and invaded by another system called Raska (a state supported by the Iberian Kingdom), due to a blood feud between the them that stretched back centuries.

This small conflict drew in 6 of the largest empires in the galaxy.

  • Raska was allied with the Tri-Powers, comprised of:
    • Iberian Kingdom,
    • Devlet-i Ebed-Müddet (The Eternal State),
    • and Alemannia.
  • The Royal System of Atta was allied with the “Alliance of Ciber” consisting of:
    • Albion,
    • the Merovingian Kingdom of Orleans
    • and Ruthenia 

For the next 90 years war ravaged the entire galaxy. Navies were shattered, planets and entire systems were wiped out. Trade and shipping had all but disappeared. Then in 4461 the war ended as the Tri-Powers surrendered. The end result was Alemannia shouldering most of the cost of the century long war. They were forced to dismantle most of their military and surrender most of their colonies. The rest of the Tri-Powers had been destroyed enough that further punishment wasn’t thought. It is also believed that Alemannia was targeted harshly due to their ability to fight more effectively then the other forces much larger than them. (A much more in depth recounting of this will be uploaded in the future).

Corporate Power Rising:

Corporations gained most of their control of their assets during the 5th War. For almost a century the nation states were focused on war and had to find entities that could provide supplies, weapons, technology. These needs were filled with what had been minor merchants/producers. The influx of money and power for the corporate entities grew them exponentially. By the end of the 5th War, some corporations could almost equal nation states in power, not just financially but militarily. However, because the focus of corporations was different (profit, not physical expansion) there has not been too many conflicts between corporations and nation states.

Nation states are aware of the power of the corporations and do watch over their possible new adversaries. Realizing this, and not wanting to push a war, corporations mostly stick to their normal businesses, providing nation states with products, and letting the nation states pay for the care and upkeep of people and infrastructure.

Currently trade is just hitting its stride. Technology advancement has started again, partially in response to wartime research and development and partially due to more money flowing. Corporations are now starting their own explorations, selling what they find to nation states or other corporations.

Another aspect of the war is that the League of Systems has been formed, an assembly of all recognized empires and some systems was set up to avoid another war on that scale. There is no enforcement capability, but the League is currently in negotiations with the See to arrange enforcement through the See.

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