Galaxy Powers – Corporations

The powers that exert control in the galaxy comprise of three sources. Empires/System states which are nations with different forms of governments that control varied areas of the galaxy. The See, a semi-religious organization that controls most of the gates, and finally the major corporate powers that have grown as giant merchant houses, even rivaling some of the major nation states. Please note these are brief descriptions, the goal is to have entire write ups for these states linked off their names in the future.


Kaliyama Weapons Industries: This corporation focuses on manufacturing all types of weapons from starship sized heavy weaponry to self defense weapons such as auto pistols.

Tac-Lek Corporation (Galactic AAA Rank #23): This corporation’s focus is on multiple types of security. Ranging from magic and psionic, military security, to highly skilled independent operatives.

Xintec, Inc: (Galactic AAA Rank #10): It is most heavily involved in exploration, shipping, and “vassal” goods and services (slave transport and trade), but like most corporations, it has investments in other areas.

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