Illiana Silentpaws

Full Name: Illiana Silentpaws

Picture coming soon

Picture coming soon

Player: Torie
Race: Mishar
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: emerald green
Hair: Dirty blonde
Build: Athletic
Physical Description: Like many of her kind, Iliana is athletically built, and usually dresses in easy fit clothing. Most of the time she moves with a fluid easy grace, but sometimes that grace stutters for a few moments as if she were in pain.

Place of Birth: Mishar homeland
Date of Birth: Undetermined
Living or Dead relatives: Father
Personality: Illiana is a lot like the rest of her reach. She is incredibly fit, regenerates quickly and seems to have an unusual danger sense. She is unable to transform into her big cat form but it doesn’t stop her from utilizing her terror attack.

Her bloodlust is matched by her curiosity and her impulsiveness is mixed with her laziness and glutton. Like all Mishar she is overconfident, but unlike other Mishar she tends to be a weirdness magnet.

Character Sheet List:

Missions Involved With:
Episode 1: Introductions
Episode 2: Chrysalis
Episode 3: Snobby Elves and Tasers
Episode 4: Bright Pool
Episode 5: Cooter Punch


Illiana Silentpaws was the warps most successful hunter. This hunt would be no different than the hundreds of others. She was crouched in thick, dark cover and invisible to her prey. The monster would be the largest she’d ever killed. It didn’t have any idea that its grotesque life was about to come to an end. She tested the air, then silently inched closer. She swallowed to make sure that her throat was well lubricated in preparation for the howl that would immobilize her prey. It was all done but for the bleeding. Inwardly she preened.

She let loose her roar. The monster did freeze, just like it was supposed to, for two hot seconds. It was all too late. She had already pounced. The thing turned, swatting her aside. Pain exploded in her body. Her back hit a tree and the beast turned and stalked toward her. It could see her! No time to evaluate where she had gone wrong. She needed to make herself smaller. She forced herself to get up and run.

She tried something she had never tried before, shifting on the run. It started haltingly. She looked over her shoulder to see where the creature was, it was gone. A chill ran through her body but she couldnt stop moving. Illiana finally found a secluded spot to finish changing. Just as her body settled into its two-legged shape the beasts fetted scent wafted into her hiding space. She peered out between the rocks. The monster and found a friend. There was no way she could finish them both. She had to keep running. Illiana hated running from a fight.

She saw an opening and she took it. The beasts had split and gone in two different directions. Illiana sprinted for the gap. Had she been just a bit faster she would have made it. One of the beasts pivoted and scored a deep gash across her back. She screamed. The pain was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Something inside her snapped. That’s the last thing she felt before the world went black.

She woke up a week later in her father’s house. He was the shaman of their tribe and had been chanting and casting since Illiana was brought to him. She lifted a heavy hand and placed it on his arm. He looked down at her, his eyes sad. “Im sorry” he said. She took an internal inventory and found she couldn’t touch her other form.

“Can it be fixed?” Illiana asked.
“I did a divination, you make be able to reconnect to your missing piece but it will take a lot of searching and a great journey”

She nodded in acquiescence. She would do just about anything to get back what she had lost. A week later she took a job as a guard on a ship. It didn’t matter where she was going it was the journey that would bring answers. At least that’s what she said to herself as she stared at the scar on her back in the mirror.

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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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