Captain’s Log “Chrysalis”

Date:  0923,4481

Xintec Archeological Dig on Melos VI

Xintec Archeological Dig on Melos V

Destination:              Melos Star System
Port of Departure:  Pelagos Station
Date:                              0912,4481
Port of Arrival:         Melos V
Date:                              0921,4481

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Alanna Hedges
Powers Booth
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: Xintec corporation

Space Conditions: We entered Melos V space with no area conditions of note. There were no other ships in system, and no dangers to the Rose Red herself.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose of going to Melos V was to secure the archeological dig site on that planet from the Xintec Corporation.


I assembled the available crew which consisted of Alanna, Illiana, Will, Boothe, Trouble and Rose for a meeting about our first mission together.

I explained that the Xintec Corporation had found something like a decoder on Melos V. The archeological officer with Xintec had communicated back to corporate headquarters that they needed a pickup.

This decoder may aid in our use of the star maps I got from Achilles IV. The crew was responsive to the idea of sneaking onto the planet, retrieving the decoder and leaving. The intent of the mission is not one of destruction, rather just retrieval. There were no employers, the crew would only be able to make any credits of what could be taken.

The crew was already starting out under gunned for such a mission. I had misgivings as the only personnel available to go on planet was Alanna, Will and Illiana. Considering the Xintec contingent, this made me worried.

Xintec contingent
1 – Head Archeologist
10 – Archeological scientists (various specialties)
2 – Xintec Psykers (1 Psychometry, 1 defensive Psyker)
13 – Security (Xintec Military – 2 squads, 1 officer)
4 – Drones
2 – Barghests
20 – “Thrall” workers

The camp is situated on top of an ancient dig site, which turned out to be an old Altharin transport ship. The archeological crew have found an opening and are busy exploring.

From the files we were able to secure, we noted the layout as following (see the picture above for the security photo):

A: Barracks and Thrall living area (along with kennels).
B: Science lab area.
C: Drone and vehicle bay
D: Dig site, entrance into the Altharin ship under the ground.
E: Command offices and lead archeologist/psyker/security officer quarters.

The team decided to use stealth to gain access to the site. Between the stealth and Alanna’s player abilities for illusion they were able to break into the facility.

The resulting encounter resulted in most of the security killed or captured with no wounds to the crew. Once they had secured the ship they discovered Ezelle, an Altharin “commoner” of some sort who turned out to be the actual “decoder”. Somehow her body’s tattoos (which she is covered in) will help unlock maps in general and our map specifically.

After they found Ezelle and deterimined she was a slave, the crew realized they had miscounted the number of security guards when the security officer attacked. There was a short fight resulting in some injuries and ending when Ezelle “ate the face of the security guy off”. I am not sure exactly why the crew term it that way.

It was at this time the crew determined a way to free Ezelle of her being owned by an Altharin in a stasis tube (details are unclear) and somehow that ownership needed to be retied to Will (who subsequently added myself, Captain Fischer as a co-owner). Ezelle insists if she is not “owned” her collar will kill her, and because Altharin tech can be exotic we cannot be sure she is wrong.

The crew returned with Ezelle, a large datastore of Xintec intelligence which Boothe is already selling, and 11 stasis tubes. We have not yet opened the tubes and it remains to be seen what they contain.

The resulting “booty” for the crew after Rose’s portion is 35,000 credits, plus whatever we get from the tubes.

Operation is a complete success. I am incredibly happy with the crew selection of those three individuals (plus Boothe and even Trouble of course).

XP Award: 5, +5 for extra = 10.
Related Logs: None


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