Corporation: Tac-Lek.

Tac-Lek Corporate Insignia

Tac-Lek Corporation.

Rating: Galactic AAA (ranked #23)
Headquarters: Blackwater III
President/CEO: Joshua Beltar
Chairman: Kerrie Tifu
Corporate Status: Public
Major Shareholders:
Viscount Joshua Beltar (19%)
Mike Evans (10%)
Sharon Ki (6%)
Oscar Meyer (4%)
Blackwater Industries (14%)

Located on Blackwater III, this corporation is not the largest, or richest in the galaxy. However it’s reputation as one of the best security services corporations in operation is warranted

This corporation’s focus is on multiple types of security. Ranging from magic and psionic, military security, to highly skilled independent operatives. Whether the customer is a powerful corporation, or a powerful individual, Tac-Lek offers custom options to ensure the safety of both the client’s lifestyle, property and life itself.

Vital Statistics

Corporate Language: English, Common
Corporate Court Justice: Jaise Kaison

Major Subsidiaries


  • Tac-Lek Pinkerton Security (corporate security)
  • TL Protection (private security, individuals)
  • TLG (governmental security)
  • Black Wave Industry (special operations)

Relationship with other Corporations

Tac-Lek corporation has close ties with the Orlesian government, since Joshua Beltar (a Viscount) has ties with the ruling family. Because of this, Tac-Lek receives preferential treatment when security contracts are issued.


Viscount Frederick Beltar, great great grandfather of Joshua Beltar started up a small company specializing in security after his retirement from the Orlesian Army during the 5th Interstellar War. Having received his title for heroism, Frederick cashed in his name and title to secure small government security contracts. Over the years his company grew larger and took larger contracts, eventually spreading out to taking contracts in the private sector as corporations gained in status.

This continued for 200 years where Joshua took over and has grown the company over the last 40 years of his leadership, by absorbing smaller companies and utilizing their contracts to gain more contacts with other corporations and nation-states.. Now Tac-Lek’s reputation for security work is renowned and the Tac-Lek corporation is looking to push its way into the top 20.

Missions involved in by this corporation:
None yet

Write Ups for Archetypes found in the corporation.


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