Episode 9: Unforeseen Consequences

by Jenny Fillger, April 14, 4482 ASF

Somewhere Near Pelegos Free Station Today, your eye on the stars reporter witnessed probably the most fantastic event she has seen this year. An actual magical ritual that ended in the loss of a leg, a savaging of another leg and a pretty brutal headbutt resulting in our hero Damien’s loss to an 10 or 11 year old girl.

It started today with our arrival at our secret base, orbiting somewhere in the nearest systems of Pelegos.

We touched down and began the repair of the Rosenrot. Over the previous six months the crew has only become a closer family. Let me see if I can recount that quickly

  • The crew successfully robbed an art gala put on by the Xintec Corporation.
  • They retrieved ancient items that contained a red skinned girl named Ezelle and a tall, slender, pointy eared mage named Cesta.
  • They found a secret base from which to conduct their business.
  • They came across a primitive group of Mo’tar who were implanted with very expensive cybernetics.
  • They conducted a prisoner rescue on a damaged prison transport ship the Tartarus.
  • They raided a salvage ship, the Centaur to retrieve as much living wire as possible. While there they killed a Kharne cult, including a Fallen Legionnaire.

These people are no joke in what they do, so it caught this reporter off guard when the unthinkable happened. Crew member attacked crew member.

Not the actual fountain, but close.

It started in a simple magical circle. The Altharin mage Cesta had taken the illusive yet beautiful cat lady Illiana to a garden spot. There he conducted a ritual that would free Illiana from her locked form. Evidently her race, the Mishar, is a shifter race that can become a 1200lb tiger that hunts warp creatures. At this point in time, the human looking beastman child came to the clearing to watch.

Yes folks, we can see where this is going from here.

The mage was successful, and she was freed. It evidently was so sudden and unexpected that the tiger part of her frenzied and she accidentally attacked Cestus, bitting his leg clean off. There was screaming, blood and even more blood.

Unexpectedly the child, ironically named Trouble jumped between them and attempted to taser the large cat. The child kept screaming for Illiana to listen and to leave the elf alone. This gathered the bloodthirsty tiger’s attention and Illiana then attacked Trouble three times. All three times the child miraculously dodged the cat, pulled Cesta away, and attempted to taser Illiana.

Yes, the actual child but a younger picture.

Yes, this is the size comparison between Trouble and Illiana (actually its bigger)

At this time Damien stepped in and attempted to stop the attack. His storm carbine missing the very agile cat. Don’t forget folks, I say the word cat, but this was a 1200lb tiger the size of a small car.

Yes, Damien is this dashing

The fourth and last attack was fated to go differently and the cat chewed on the child’s left leg. Trouble, in a Beastman frenzy screamed and pulled her knife attempting to stop the cat. It was at this point in time Cesta screamed a command at Illiana and she responded, sitting down and became obedient.

Damien leaped into action, taking Trouble’s knife, not realizing Trouble was frenzied. The child turned towards her friend and head butted him with her tiny head with even tinier horns. That was it, Damien’s lights were knocked out and he collapsed unconscious. It as then that Will, Vanth and the rest broke into the clearing, securing the situation.

The end result was Cesta getting his leg reattached by the combat surgeon Dr. Poosh Ooblit Bandoo Danadda in what has to be this reporter’s best experience with a doctor. Trouble was fixed quickly and nothing permanently damaged on Damien, not even his pride.

I do have to say this group is exciting, friendly and I am sure many adventures await us.

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