Patagonia (settlement)


Patagonia Overall Map

System: Myrina
Planet: Myrina V
Climate: High Desert
Elevation: 4,055 ft (1,236 m)
Settlement Population: 5,913
Temperature Range: -10 to 62c.
Ruler: Lord Ransaka,
Defenses: 120 sworn men. No local police.

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Patagonia is a town in the Daedal Rim. As of the  4470 census, Patagonia had a population of 5,913. Patagonia was formerly a supply center for nearby system mines, both on planet and on some of the moons. It was originally designed as a tourist destination, retirement community and arts center when the initial surveyors had thought they found a warp gate. That plan did not work out.

The Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve (listed on the map as Sonoita) adjacent to the town, it seeks to preserve all artifacts found on the planet. Native Seeds/SEARCH maintains a farm for growing out and preserving seed of endangered crops in the area, forms of crops resistant to desertification.

Places of Interest in Patagonia (more to come)

patagoniatownhallPatagonia Town Hall, the center of “power” in Patagonia is a five member council including Mayor J.S. Erickson, Vice Mayor Cally Steyer,  Members: Mike Salient, Margaret Henrietta, and Jay Slag.

KPUP Community Radio Station, manned by Vince Jaeger this is the main mode of entertainment on the planet. The radio has about a 100 mile range and is able to reach all the settlements on the planet.

Wagon Wheel Saloon, the “go to bar” for all visitors, pirates, bandits and mercenaries that arrive in system. Fights occur often, and are sometimes deadly. However, they serve an excellent Iberian flan. The place is owned by Jezebel, a Kontori Courtesan.

uspsComm Center, this is the planetary communications array for the surrounding settlements. It is capable of sending a Class 3 Interstellar communications (lowest speed). There is usually at least two people on duty and an additional two guards from Lord Ransaka’s personal guard.





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