Corporation: Kaliyama Weapons

Kaliyama Weapons Industries

Kali-Yama_WeaponsRating: Galactic AAA (ranked #21)
Alison Ryce-O’Neil
Alphonse Miyard
Corporate Status:
Major Shareholders:
Baron Joshua Standard (21%)
Krupps Industries (20%)
Trish Kullian (12%)
Michelle Wassen (6%)
Oscar Meyer (17%)

Vital Statistics

Corporate Language: English, Common
Corporate Court Justice: Michelle Lanker

Major Subsidiaries

Weapons and Munitions

  • Kali Heavy Weapons (starship weaponry)
  • KLW: Kali Light Weaponry (weaponry, individuals)
  • Kali Munition Cooperative (munitions for all types of weapons)

One of Albion’s most significant military manufacturers,  Kaliyama has benefited greatly from mass exports to other powers outside of Albion. Though such exports offer a lower profit margin than domestic sales because of border tariffs, they have nonetheless netted the company considerable sums of cash and credit, much of which Kaliyama has invested in modernizing and upgrading factories and the development of new technologies.

The past few years have seen CEO Ryce-O’Neil locked in protracted negotiations with Kaliyama’s business partners, the Alphard Trading Corporation. Race-O’Niel is attempting to buyout the Krupps portion of ownership of the corporation and the Alphard Trading Corporations ties with other corporations could allow this.

The Alphard board seems open to the possibilities, but the CEO’s efforts have been hampered by the Alemannia government, who is a major stakeholder in Krupps. Security concerns have curtailed Kaliyama trips to Alemannia space, and Ryce-O’Neil has vented her frustration through a series of political maneuvers on Kaliyama’s unofficial Merchants’ Council.



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