Captain’s Log: Centaur

Date:  0330,4482

Muiz III

Destination:              Muiz Star System
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             0312,4482
Port of Arrival:        Myrina V
Date:                             0401,4482

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Dr. Poosh
Powers Booth
Cesta Usador
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: Kharne War Raiders lead by a single “Fallen (Warp)” Legionnaire (unknown Legion).

Space Conditions: Local space was quiet, after two weeks of being in system hostile forces arrived in a Spectre class Corvette. Space was cleared within 16 hours.

Purpose of Arrival: To investigate the last known location of the living ship Centaur, an Albion living ship that disappeared  in 4412.


As part of our reward for returning Thomas Smalls to the responsible parties was the location of a few last known positions of lost living ships. We are hoping to be able to scavenge these locations and refit Astrid as much as we can.

We arrived on station and began a system scan. System wide there didn’t seem to be any concerns. When we scanned Muiz III however we found not only the Centaur, but a second short range salvage ship.

It turns out that both ships were abandoned. It appeared that the Centaur crashed about 60 years ago. The crew survived mostly the impact. In turn they waited a rescue which arrived about two weeks later.

A salvage team from the Nadir corporation arrived and began rescue operations. Evidently before the operations could be completed a Kharne raider group arrived and took both the crew of the Nadir ship, and the Centaur. At some point in time the living ship pilot was sealed away and eaten by something or someone.

Once we established the situation (including discovering a sacrificed Nadir corp person tortured on a St. Andrew’s cross) we confirmed there were no enemy combatants in the area. Will took command of the salvage and began to move people around. He will make a good captain in the future.

After two weeks of salvage operation, about 70% complete, we detected an incoming Debner class assault shuttle. The landing team lead by Will split. The fighters (comprised of Will, Illiana and Vanth) arranged themselves outside the ship and prepared to snipe the incoming bandits while Boothe, Trouble, Dr. Poosh and Cesta remained inside.

The Warp Raiders did not anticipate armed resistance, the first seven cultists out of the ship were cut down by the fighter team with no injuries. It was over in a matter of six seconds.

During this time, Rose engaged the Killsha class corvette named “the Starvation” that the assault shuttle came in on. Rose utilized a Red 3 Sideways slip attack pattern and splashed the corvette with a single torpedo. A second plasma torpedo was sent into the remains to ensure no warp raider survivors from the corvette.

Back on the planet and after some delay a Warp Legionnaire of Kharne (unknown Legion affiliation) approached. Its power armor was fairly effective and we discovered that we will need to secure armor piercing rounds for those who do not have an elder weapon.

However, once the situation was appraised Illiana approached the Legionnaire in hunting mode while Vanth damaged the Legionnaire with the shuriken rifle. Meanwhile Will placed several damaging shots in the weak points of the armor.

However, in the end. the death of the Legionnaire was due to Illiana’s expert hand to hand ability with her force sword. She chopped the legionnaire’s hand off then gutted him from groin to chest. Definitely glad she is with us.

We finished the salvage operation 5 days later and now are back enroute to Myrna V to put Rose into the dry dock.

Maybe we can figure out how to get her to leave the sarcophagus.

XP Award: 5
Salvage/Booty: 8,920 spools worth of neural net
Related Logs: None


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