Warp Raider

Raider on Titaneve III

Human Warp Raider
Races: All (even Altharin), example is human though. If they are non-human, stats are adjusted accordingly.

ST: 12,    DX: 13,     IQ:10,   HT:14,     HP: 13,   FP: 15
Will: 8,  Vision: 10,     Hearing: 9,   Taste/Smell: 8
Spd: 6.75   Move: 6    Dodge: 9  Parry (boxing): 9

Relative Skills: animal control (8), boxing(12), brawling (12), driving (13), driving-armored vehicle (15), fast-draw-clip (14), fast-draw-pistol (12), guns-light-auto (13), guns-pistol (15), guns-rifle (15), launcher-missile (13), savoir-faire-warp (10), stealth (12), streetwise (9)

Relative Advantages: Some raiders have a bit of warp touch that is positive, not many but some on an individual basis.

Relative Disadvantages: Gregarious, hunted, duty (warp power or band), some raiders have a bit of warp touch (more than some) on an individual basis.

In the Field: 
Various heavy suits (12/4), Armored Gloves (6/2), Armored Tactical Vest (18/7 – can have trauma plates +34 for on duty soldiers), TL 10 Assault Boots (18/9).
In Civilian Areas: Modified depending on situation.


Name                    Type      Dam.   Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Izhmash AK-47     A. Rifle   5d+1 pi   5+1  800/3,600  11   30+1(3)   -4         2       1*
Franchi SPAS-12   Shot        1d+1 pi   3    40/800.        3×9  7+1(2i)    -5      1/5      1*
Heavy Pistol           Pistol      3d pi       2     180/2,000    3    12+1 (3)   -3         3       2*
*Notes: 1- GURPS High-Tech, 2 – GURPS Ultra Tech

Details: Warp Raiders are the rank and file of raiding bands. They can vary anywhere from human, to Beastmen, to others. They operate in all sizes as well, ranging from less than 10 people up to the bulk of warp armies.

The average warp raider lives to hunt, to steal, kill and take their share (or more if they can get away with it). They can worship any warp power (or none specifically) and their behavior, dress, weapons and mutations will reflect their chosen power.



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