Warp Legionnaire

A Warp Legionnaire sworn to Kharne

Warp Legionnaire
Races: Human (although it is said over the course of thousands of years the warriors are no longer human).

ST: 23,    DX: 18,     IQ: 18,   HT:17,     HP: 21,   FP: 18 Will: 19,  Vision: 18,     Hearing: 18,   Taste/Smell: 19 Spd: 9   Move: 9 Dodge: 12  Parry: 11

Relative Skills: armory (17), brawling (13), driving-armored-vehicles (16), electronics-comm (19), fast-draw-smg (13), first-aid (18), freefall (13), guns-light-auto (14), guns-pistol (15), guns-rifle (16), knife (13), nbc-warfare (20), piloting-low-performance (14), savoire-fair-legion (18), survival (18)

Relative Advantages: absolute direction, fit, marksman, single minded, depending on the condition of the gene seed could be several more. This doesn’t include cybernetics used to repair or enhance their abilities.

Relative Disadvantages: Hunted, duty (legion), some warp legionnaires have a bit of warp touch (more than some) on an individual basis.

Armor:  Legionnaire Power Armor (150/100)(see detailed description below the Details).


Name                    Type      Dam.   Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Bolter Rifle.           A. Rifle   9d+1 pi   5+1  800/3,600  10   50+1(3)   -5         2
Franchi SPAS-12   Shot        1d+1 pi   3    40/800.       3×9  7+1(2i)    -5      1/5      Ω*
Heavy Pistol           Pistol     3d pi       2    180/2,000    3    12+1 (3)   -3        3       2*
*Notes: 1- GURPS High-Tech, 2 – GURPS Ultra Tech

Details: Warp Legionnaires are members of the “Fallen” legions of the Empire. These Orders of men and women were the best, brightest of the Empire. After they formed into separate orders that were named Legions.

These legions developed differently depending on the old Emperor’s needs and their experiences. Once the empire had fallen, the legions continued on as independents, sometimes acting as mercenaries, sometimes as bandits.

The Legionnaire’s now are still some of the most formidable individual warriors in the galaxy. The “Fallen” legions went rogue and in many cases they began following warp powers. Their purpose and mission is unknown outside of each Legion except the gain of power

Legionnaire Power Armor 

As a side note, each legion modifies their suits and generally they have more “surprises” based on the legion, power they worship (if warp) and personal taste. Some Legionnaires have higher level suits, so this is only a general basis.

These highly-mobile suits can fight in almost any environment. They have enough life support to keep the user alive for days in a contaminated war zone. They are smaller than TL9 combat walkers, but still stand seven feet tall and are bulky (SM +1).

The armor is a thick shell of laminated nanocomposites and ceramic armor over an inner layer of shock-absorbing liquid armor. This gives torso protection equal to at least three inches of steel plate. It also has integral superconductor-based electromagnetic armor, which doubles the suit’s DR against shaped-charge warheads and plasma bolts. The electromagnetic armor operates off a separate D cell and is good for 10 uses.

A powered exoskeleton amplifies the user’s muscles and ground speed. Except for the helmet, the armor’s weight does not count as encumbrance while powered up. It is powered by an integral radiothermal generator which operates it for up to 10 years.

The suit’s helmet includes a filter mask (p. 177), an inertial compass (p. 74), hearing protection (p. 171), a hyperspectral visor (p. 61), a small laser comm (p. 44), and a medium radio (p. 44). The suit’s body incorporates biomedical sensors (p. 187), trauma maintenance (p. 189), a provisions dispenser (p. 187) with a week’s provisions, tactical ESM (p. 62), and a waste relief system (p. 187). The suit also has infrared cloaking (p. 99) and radar stealth (p. 100).

With its helmet on, it is sealed, and has climate control (-459° F to 500°F), pressure support (10 atm.), radiation protection (PF 5), and vacuum support. It has two large air tanks with a 72-hour air supply at TL 10.

The suit’s exoskeleton grants Lifting and Striking ST+20. It has Basic Move +2 and Super Jump 1.



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