Muiz (Star System)

Name:             Muiz
Star Class:     G1 V – Yellow-Orange/ K5 V (Orange).
System ID:    182-12
Location:       Delian League Subsector
Control:          Outer Rim, no corporate/national control
Warp Gates:  None
Threats:          Scattered Raiders/Pirates/Warp Dangers

Max. Habitability: 0                                     Max. Affinity: 1
Mass:                           1.05/0.65 M(sol)           Age: 1.6 Billion Years
Luminosity:             1.05/1.05 L (sol)            Diameter: 0.021 A.U.
No. Planets:              7                                   No. Habitable Planets: 0 (1?)
No. Asteroids:         0                                    No. Moons/moonlets:  14/48
Planet: Muiz III Standard Ice Planet
Settlement: None
Other Items of note: Living Ship (Merchant) “Centaur”

Detailed Star System Readout: Muiz Star System

The system is unexplored in any official capacity. While there has been long distance system scanning, nothing important was noted by corporate or national interests. There are no known active warp gates and the planets do not seem to unusual to warrant the cost of a full exploration team.

The system has several hadean moons, ice moons, small and medium gas giants along with the normal assortment of moons and moonlets (see detailed star system readout for full details).

The standard ice planet itself is not necessarily habitable (at a whopping -22c temperature). However it is the site of a crashed living ship named the Centaur and is subject to recurring raids by a lost legion.


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