Thomas Smalls (criminal)

Thomas  Small is a prisoner that was rescued by the team when the prison transport he was on failed to respond. It appears some sort of warp incursion had disrupted the ship.

Name: Thomas Smalls
Aliases: Gideon, The Butcher of Thoon IV
D.O.C. Number: M1123SD3319
Class: High Risk Offender – AAA Security
Recent Crime: Treason, Murder x 27, Terrorism lesser, Terrorism Greater.
Date of Arrest: 0713, 4479
Place of Arrest: Glhymdahl III
Arresting Officer: Lt. Marcy Piazza
Governing Entity: Albion
District: Core Sector IXa

Sex: Male                                      Age: 32
Height: 5’8”                                 Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Brown w/Gold Flecks     Hair: Black
Scars and Marks: Multiple gunshot and knife scars across body, barcode tattoo on neck with D.O.C. number, large dragon tattoo across back.
Birthdate: 0213, 4449
Birthplace: Grace VII
Nationality: Albion
Occupation: CLASSIFIED
Most Recent Residence: Highline Maximum Security Facility, Draydl III



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