Captain’s Log “Tartarus”

Date:  0303,4482

XP/Money Award: 5 / 83,333
Related Logs: Thomas Smalls

Destination:              Deep Space (20x/67x/111) from Pelagos
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             0225,44821
Port of Arrival:        Pelagos Station
Date:                            0303,44821

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Illiana Silentclaws
Dr. Poosh Ooblit Bandoo Danadda
Trouble Carlsong
Powers Boothe
Cesta Usador
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: Thomas Smalls (is he an enemy though)?

Space Conditions: Warp Incursion detected three days prior, space itself level 1, calm. In deep space, no nearby systems.

Purpose of Arrival: To retrieve criminal Thomas Smalls for the Albion Security Detail from the damaged ship ASL – Tartarus.


The Rose Red arrived off of the damaged ship ASL – Tartarus, an Albi0n prisoner transport. After we entered local space we conducted a level four detection scan and found no ships, systems or powers present in 2 jump radius.

We launched the shuttle and boarded the prison ship. Signs of Warp Incursion were present including contamination, mutation and foreign entity growth. The use of break in and entry capabilities, deadly force, spell work and screaming was utilized on a as needed basis. The prisoner was secured and was returned to authorities.

In return we were paid 1,000,000 credits and a location of a lost living ship (condition unknown). After the Rose took her share, each person was paid out $83,333 credits.


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