Warband: “Hand of Coal”

Hand of Coal Warband

Average Stats:
ST: 15    DX: 11     IQ:10 HT:12     HP: 14    FP: 12
Spd: 5.75     Move: 5      Dodge: 11     Parry: 10

Relative Skills: brawling (10), melee weapon of choice (13),  survival* (12), Bow/Crossbow (13), knife (11), tracking (13), guns* (10), stealth (12), throwing (10).
Relative Advantages: Fur, Horns (extra striker)
Relative Disadvantages: Bloodlust, Frenzy, other Beastmen traits
Armor: Primitive Armor (6/4), Shields, and various wards or magical protections.
When they have time to prepare they can arm themselves with the following: Reflex Tactical Vest (18/7 – can have trauma plates +34 for on duty soldiers), TL 10 Assault Boots (18/9),


Name                    Type      Dam. Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Various melee weapons resulting in 2d6-4d6 damage with various divisors for armor. This will depend on the situation.

When they have time, they can outfit themselves with
Name                    Type      Dam. Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Norinco QBZ95     A. Rifle   5d pi    5+1  800/3,600   11   30+1(3)   -4         2       1*
Heavy Pistol           Pistol      3d pi     2     180/2,000    3    12+1 (3)   -3         3       2*
*Notes: 1- GURPS High-Tech, 2 – GURPS Ultra Tech

Details: The Hand of Coal warband is an unusual band for the race. They are relatively friendly with non-beastmen and conduct regular trade for several people (Tolen being a new partner). They are also unusual in that they can both use and defend against modern weaponry easier then most warbands.

It is compromised of various numbers of beastmen depending on the time and place. Various warriors will come and work under Silent Knife and Shadow Claw, once they have attained the experience or treasure they need they move onto either another more aggressive warband or perhaps their own warband.

The leaders of the Hand of Coal are a Caprigor warrior named Silent Knife and a Caprigor shaman named Red Tooth Not much is known of these two at this time. This file will be updated as new information is received.

(important note, until a further writeup is made, this will be used for standard beastman writeup, eventually it will have its own detailed writeup).



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