Trouble’s Journal: Cyberlegging

Session Summary #6
XP: 5
Money: 10,000

Trouble’s Journal
Date: 0217,4482

It has been a long time since dad and I have met up with a warband. I sometimes miss the bray herds, and just being around my people. However, after a short time I like just going home with dad and everyone else on Rose.

Evidently the Captain had been approached by Tolen, the smuggler person who we originally dealt with a few months ago. Tolen was sending a psyker named “Andre” to a meet with a Warband called the “Hands of Coal“. A caprigor named Silent Knife and a Shaman named Shadow Claw ran the band. We were offered 100,000 credits to escort Andre to them for a deal.

I didn’t realize the Captain was ok with my people, I think dad chose really well to take a berth on Rose. It feels like home here.

We got to the planet, I think its Stygian IV. Its near a pirate meet point, away from the regular trade routes. We got there after traveling for two weeks. I think Andre and Booth got it on, but I don’t know if money traded hands. I wonder if Booth needs an enforcer.

We landed and I got to meet Bloodheart and his sister Telsma and we ran around for awhile. I wasn’t with the group when they met with Silent Knife or Shadow Claw, but evidently Tolen’s guy Andre made some sort of deal.

Meanwhile Damien found some artifacts he could sell or use. I am not really clear on what they were, but he borrowed money from the ship. Meanwhile Vanth wanted to bring back the bodies of these cyborg Motar that attacked the band earlier.

We left the planet and are taking Andre back, dropping Alanna off and I think Damien might be selling some of the items. Meanwhile Vanth asked the Captain to have Doctor Poosh do some sort of autopsy on the bodies. I think Vanth wants to sell the cyberware, but Dad doesn’t like it at all. I think even Illiana was disgusted.

People Involved:


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