Ool (race)


warp tainted ool

Name: Ool
Cost:  46 pts

Ool Characters in Game:
Poosh Oblit Bandon Danadda


  • Peripheral Vision – Protuberant Eyes (180 vision/30 and 30 peripheral, large eyes modifier -20%) 12 pts.
  • Enhanced Move (Ground, represent 2 to 4 leg movement) 20pts.
  • Leather like skin (DR x 3) 15pts.
  • Super Jump x 1 10pts.

Advantages Cost:  57pts.


  • Sexless – 1pt

Disadvantage cost 1 pt
Total Cost: 46pts

Description: Ools look much like humanoid terrestrial toads with a slightly gorilla-like posture and build. They switch between bipedal and quadruped locomotion as the mood or need suits them.

On average they stand between 4′ and 4’6” when in a bipedal stance and weigh 70 kg. Their bodies tend toward stoutness, their limbs are thick with the arms longer than the legs, both of which end in 4 digits. Despite their short stature, they have a physical strength equivalent to humans.

Their heads are wide with broad flat mouths with 24 teeth suited for an omnivorous diet. Like Humans, they are opportunistic eaters and have a similar diet including both animal and vegetable matter. Combined with their size, build, and digitigrade legs this allows Ools to leap distances that belie their size.

Their necks are very short and seemingly non-exsistant. This means the range of motion for their heads is much more limited than a humans. For this reason, they have developed large, protuberant eyes located almost on the sides of their head allowing for a 240 degree field of vision.

Their ears are small holes located just behind the jaw. Nostrils are widely set a short distance above the mouth. Ool voices are deep and rough on average. While clothed, males and females are indistinguishable to most other races since both sexes have internal genitalia.

Ools breed in large groups in brood pools where females release 2 to 4 eggs and males release sperm. Family structure is made up of a brood of children and a small group of “Tenders” who are past breeding age to guide, and care for them. The average brood is usually made up of 10-15 children.

Ools are warm blooded. However, they are neither amphibian, reptile, or mammal as we would understand it on Earth. Their skin is thick and leathery and range from shades of brown to olive. They are hairless, with a layer of fat for warmth that gives them a soft look. Even the strongest Ool never looks “cut.”

Oolass is ruled by a planet-wide Meritocratic Geniocracy in the form of a council made up of 800 representatives. They are highly technological, on par with humanity and have adopted many alien technologies that supplemented their own achievements. They wear clothing, the most distinctive article of which that is unique to the Ools are specialized gloves that are basically modified shoes for when they walk on all fours.

There are over 180 social groups on Ool, a remnant of a time when planetary rule was divided by governments based on regional holdings separated by geographic and philosophical differences. The Ools have adopted a single language to unite the species via communication, but hundreds of dialects exist, most markedly those on colony worlds.

Ools develop psionics and magic at roughly the same rate as humans.


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