Dr. Poosh Ooblit Bandoo Danadda

Full Name: Dr. Poosh Ooblit Bandoo Danadda

Player: Shalon
Gender: Male
Race: Ool
Age:  45
Height:  4’4”
Weight:  72 kg
Eyes:  Gold
Hair:  None
Build:  Stout

Physical Description: Poosh is a fairly average member of the Ool species. His skin is an olive brown color and he has gold eyes with a horizontal pupil bisecting the entire visible surface. His right arm has been replaced with a cybernetic limb. It is obvious and metallic with no artificial skin to cover it.

Place of Birth: Oolass
Date of Birth: Undetermined
Living or Dead relatives: 5 male and 7 female brood-mates living in various areas within known space.

Personality: Poosh is gregarious and kind and can appear somewhat naive. However the naivete is more reflective of how he views himself rather than others. He is quite aware of the vagaries of life and holds little against people. He is also very intelligent and creative and loves to tinker with technology.

He is often working on some new project or other, the smaller bits of which he carries around in the many pockets of one of his utilitarian jumpsuits. He is a skilled cyberneticist and surgeon but loves machinery of all sorts and is positively FASCINATED by living ships. He often smokes thick, Oolian cigars. They are made from the cured petals of a variety of Oolian flower and smell of burning rose and nutmeg. In Ools, they cause a very mild Euphoric sensation and mellowing of nerves. In humans, they cause coughing fits.

History: Poosh was hatched with a rounded stump where his right arm should have been. He received a cybernetic prosthetic as soon as he was physically able to undergo the procedure. The prosthetic was replaced 7 times as he grew. He became fascinated by the whole experience and pursued a career in cybernetics. Whether natural aptitude or the product of lifelong interest, he proved to be quite good and graduated with high marks. He is now an M.D. specializing in cybernetic medicine and is a talented surgeon. He decided to work off wold on ships and spent several years on a medical cruiser responding to disasters. When his contract was up he decided to go freelance in hopes of working on a living ship, something that Poosh finds fascinating and sees as one of the greatest achievements in cybernetics.


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