Trouble’s Journal: Cooter Punch

Session Summary
XP: 15
Money: 13,750 (each)

Trouble’s Journal
Date: 0106,4482

Let’s clear the air by first saying that while I really do like Alanna and I think of her as a friend, but sometimes Alanna can be a horse faced bitch. She isn’t a bad student, and she is learning, but she can be insulting. She was a bit too mouthy last night and I gave her a cooter punch. Yep, I punched her right in the groin, she wouldn’t spar with me today which means I scared her, and that is good.

Cesta and Damien had discovered the location of some Altharin power crystals. They are located in a Xintec corporate facility as part of a display of things found at excavations. They obviously have no idea what they are looking at, they just think of them as valuable crystals. Typical humans, always overlooking things because they aren’t “human” in appearance. However, this “Treasure of the Ancients” is open to the public who can afford the tickets.

It turns out that Damien has access and can get us all tickets under various names. I never realized an xeon-archeologist could pull strings like that. Then again he has always been nice to me, even after finding out I am a beastman. That doesn’t happen often.

So we decided to go in as two separate groups. Damien, the reporter Jenny and Vanth as their bodyguard. Since Damien was a known entity he couldn’t do anything illegal, so he had to be a distraction.

Cesta came with the second group. It was Cesta with Will and Illiana as his body guards. Their job was to go in make a huge scene while Alanna crept in while invisible and actually stole the three crystals.

Things went according to plan. Damien went in with his “date” Jenny and bodyguard Vanth. There he was met by James Ki, a major stockowner of Xintec itself. Evidently Damien was a large enough distraction that most of the Xintec Security was following James trying to guard him while Damien got a personal tour.

Cesta, Will and Illiana were even better. Cesta strode into the place like some ancient Altharin. He started screaming about the disgrace to his ancestors that these displays represented. That was something to see, but when you add in two hulking warriors flanking him, Xintec Security shit themselves. I noticed security didn’t pull any deadly weapons, and I think that is because they knew they were outclassed.

At some point during this Alanna was invisible and was met by another invisible person from her old corporation Tac-Lek and there was some sort of fight. She won, undoubtably because of my skill in teaching her, and she walked away with the crystals. The best part is they found the invisible guy and are blaming him!

She did so well that I won’t cooter punch again unless she does something again.

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