Captain’s Log: Bright Pool

Date:  1202,4481

Altharin Ruins on Myrina V

Destination:              Myrina Star System
Port of Departure: Pelagos Station
Date:                             1202,4481
Port of Arrival:        Myrin V
Date:                             1202,4481

Crewmen/Guests on Board:
Damien Freeman
Alanna Hedges
Powers Booth
Cesta Usador
Rose Red

Enemies Encountered: None

Space Conditions: Local space was quiet, no enemy combatants or neutral forces present around the planet.

Purpose of Arrival: The purpose of going to Myrina was to secure the archeological dig site that may have neural net for Rose.


I assembled the available crew which consisted of Damien, Alanna, Illiana, Will, Boothe, Trouble, Cesta and Rose for a meeting about our first mission together. The purpose of the mission was to explore “Bright Pool” to determine if there were any neural net type lattice for Rose.

The team updated Damien on the recent events and he met with Cesta and Ezelle. It was determined that Damien (his reporter Jenny), Illiana, Alana, Cesta and Will would go down to the planet. During this time Trouble ensured she would go as well.

The team landed on the planet and met with Lord Ranseka, the self styled fuedal leader of the village. He arranged with the team they would meet with Spiro, a local guide and have free reign of the archeological sites. In exchange they would provide 25% of the value of what they find in exchange.

The team met and secured the old Altharin villa. There was some neurological netting they could use. In addition they met with Toku, an Altharin slave race that was relegated to a sarcophagus and inhabited an artificial body. Upon discussion with her, Will determined there may be a possibility to do something similar with Rose.

We have decided to secure the facility for our own use. Arrangements for defense and a tithe were hashed out with Lord Ranseka. this will be our home. We will still be working off of Pelagos station, but this gives us a semi-safe location to live while working there.

XP Award: 5
Related Logs: None


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