Mo’tar (Maurader Race)

Mo’tar (Maurader Race)

Attribute Adjustment: ST+2 [+20pts]; DX-1 [-20pts]; IQ-1 [-20pts]; HT+2 [+20pts]
Secondary Characteristic Adjustment: SM+1
Origin: Mo’tar IV
Tech Level: 10 – Low TL-1 [-5pts]
Racial Advantages: Damage Resistance 5 (Tough Skin, -40%, Physical, -20%) [+10pts]
Racial Disadvantages: Bad Temper (Resist quite rarely, x2) [-20pts]; Reputation-1 (Aggressive warriors & brawlers, Almost everyone but own race, x1, All the time, x1) [-5pts]
Free Skills: Language (Mo’tar Native); Area knowledge (Mo’tar IV)
Racially Learned Skills and Racial Skill Bonuses: Language (Basic, Broken) [+2pts]; Intimidate at Will [+2pts]; Survival at Per (Choose one land-dweller specialization) [+2pts]

Features/Taboos: None

These barbaric space marauders are not as tough as the green skinned Orakahi, but they have been pests in the outer part of the Core worlds for as long as anyone can remember. The homeworld is host to billion surly Mo’tar , most of whom crave getting to the stars.

Most species know the Mo’tar as aggressive warriors and brawlers, famed for their strength and temper and lack of deep thought. Their history hints at eras in which Mo’tar society was much more advanced than the might-make-right kleptocracy found on their homeworld currently. Although technologically primitive by other nation’s standards, the warlike species stole the secrets of space flight and are taking to the stars with expansionist zeal.

Mo’tar ruthlessly prowl the outer worlds in their scavenged ships, attacking anyone who crosses their path and stealing whatever new technology they can salvage from razed colonies and the wrecks of enemy ships. Other species take advantage of the Mo’tar ’ vicious nature, arming them with the latest weapons and employing them as thugs, bodyguards, and shock troops.

Brutal and unforgiving, Mo’tar are calculating predators and ruthless scavengers who respect only strength and steal whatever they can’t make.

Mo’tar have tough skin the color of clay. They stand about 6 foot 5 tall with powerfully built frames. Their primate faces can best be described as “skull-like”, with their skin pulled tautly over their bones. Mo’tar have deep set eyes, crowned with jutting eyebrows and a relatively small mouth with extremely thin lips. They have high foreheads, and straggly manes of black hair fall on their shoulders.

The Mo’tar homeworld is Mo’tar IV, located in the Outer Rim.

Character Points:

Attribute Adjustment
Secondary Characteristic Adjustment
Tech Level
Racial Advantages
Racial Disadvantages
Racially Learned Skills and Racial Bonuses

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