Myrina V


Myrina V (Garden Planet)

Class of Star:       Yellow-Orange Subgiant
Mean Distance:  1.6 a.u.
Perihelion:           1.6 a.u.
Aphelion:              1.7 a.u.
Axial Tilt:              27°
Annual Period:   2.01 years/1302.9 local days
Local Day:            13.5 hours

World Type:           Standard Garden Planet
Climate Type:        Cool
Diameter:                1 x earth/14,206 km
Density:                    0.9 x earth (5g/cmˆ3)      Surface Gravity: 1.0g, 9.8 m/sˆ2
Vulcanism:              None                                    Escape Velocity: 12km/s
Tectonics:                None                                    Habitability Index: 8
Atmosphere:          Breathable, dense N2, O2, 1.3 pressure.
Temperature:        Cool
Average:                   8° C                                        Periphelion:         15° C
Aphelion:                 1° C                                        Illumination:       84% of Earth
Ocean (Comp):     70% Water                            Tidal Range:         0.15 m


Type        Class                                 Size               Period       Tides 
Sun            G0 IV Yellow/Orange      0.75 (deg.)     13.5 hrs.      0.15M

Yarkiy Basseyn (Bright Pool)

Yarkiy Basseyn (Bright Pool) – Settlement and Altharin ruins

Habitability:    8
Resources:        Very Poor
RVM:                   -2                        Affinity:  6

Biosphere:  The world is similar to other worlds that have Altharin ruins. It is habitable, in the case here it is mostly woodland/mountain/desert terrain. Animals are slightly more aggressive than standard, and warp influence is not unknown.
Dominant Life Form(s): Mo’tar, Beastmen, and other marauding races (no Orakahi though).
Other Significant Life Forms: No other life forms that are significant.

Local Settlements

Settlement Name(s):  Patagonia, Sonoita, Harshaw, Canelo, Elgin, Whetstone, Huachuca City, and Fort Huachuca.
Settlement Type:    7 Towns, 1 Fort
TotalPopulation:       <25,000                                    Tech Level(s):                 10
Control Rating:          4                                                 Society Type:                  Feudal
World Unity:               Feudal                                       Per-Capita Income:     60k
Economic Volume:   Unknown (pirate)                  Typical Wealth Level: Unknown
Special Conditions:  This is a refuge for races that travel the warp, or are not accepted in most nation states.

Trading Partners:      None
Starports:                      1 minor starport located at Patagonia.
Installations:               None
Moon(s):                        None
Other Notes:

BACKGROUND:    Myrina V is the site of Altharin ruins. A local feudal lord, Sir Ranska controls access to the small village on the planet named Yarkiy Basseyn. This old Altharin outpost is also the site of a small, long destroyed, ship facility. The locals have managed to cobble together a very low level dry dock. This dry dock is what drives the economy for the outpost/village.

Marauding bands use this planet as a meeting point whether they travel by ship or by warp. It is especially helpful that they can use the repair facility for their ships. Sir Ranska is a proponent of people in charge of their own choices. Nothing here is illegal, as long as it does not interfere with day to day operations.

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