Trouble’s Journal: Snobby Elves and Tasers

Session Summary
XP: 05
Money: 60,000

Trouble’s Journal
Date: 1016,4481

First I just need to say that Boothe is a hog face wart sucker. He was mean to me, called me names and looked for fleas on me. Dad is right, he is just a racist ass.

We finally got off that stupid planet that Xintec was on. Of course everyone was a little hyped. We found a red skinned demon girl who has a map on her back. Her name is Ezelle and she is actually pretty nice. She was some sort of slave owned by the Altharins (I think elves is a better name). Dad owns her so she doesn’t die due to her collar. I think it bother’s dad a lot that he owns a slave.

The captain set out the tubes we rescued. We can keep what we want and we will sell the rest. There were 11 tubes and they were full of a lot of weird stuff.

  1. The first had a cute elf, rather stringy though, so not sure why they instill fear.
  2. The second had his magic books. Maybe I can use them to become a powerful shaman.
  3. There was a stinky two headed dog. They haven’t opened that yet.
  4. Two tubes full of some sort of bone material that can be used for spells.
  5. Two statues that we found might have warpstone. Why won’t Alanna smarten up and leave them alone.
  6. One had a broken robot.
  7. One had DNA samples, evidently the elves all like to give out their genetic material.
  8. One had a bunch of data crystals, we still haven’t figured out how to play them.

First and foremost, what is wrong with Alanna. Isn’t it common knowledge that if statues start talking to you that MAYBE ITS THE WARP!!!!. Even beastman toddlers know that. So everyone told her no, she could not open the statue tubes and no she couldn’t keep them.

We opened the tube with the elf and he got out. Evidently he is some sort of mage. Wouldn’t it be great if I became a great warrior-shaman? Although maybe it would be better to just be a warrior-mage so I don’t have to pray to anything.

The elf was kind of a snobby dick to everyone. He could command Illiana in short bursts to come sit by him, I suspect he could have done more. She didn’t like it and they both almost came to blows. There was an argument but dad stopped them from killing each other.

After everyone calmed down there was talk on repairs for Rose and how much money and material they needed. It was decided that the elf could stay for now, he might be useful, but they might sell most of everything else (except the data chips and one tube of bone). So the captain scheduled a meeting for us to me an antiquities dealer named Tolen Magpie who will accept the tubes (unopened).

The gang went to the warehouse to meet with Tolen (they were pretty easy to shadow honestly). Once everyone arrived they met with the man and began the trade. It seemed pretty straightforward when Alanna started getting sketchy. She must have said something to the rest of the group because all the shit broke out.

The guards on Tolen pulled their tasers, there were screams, the guards were demanding Alanna and then the fighting happened. Here are some things I noticed.

  1. Alanna sucks in a fight. I know she killed a bunch of the Xintec guards but she totally flipped her shit and tried to run. They tasered her easily.
  2. Illiana put up a pretty good fight. I bet in her cat form she would be fantastic. Sadly the tasers got her too.
  3. Vanth is a lot tougher than most humans. He put down a guard without thinking about it with his hands. He then engaged with others and started tearing through them. He got taken out with a taser for a very short period. He got up quickly and it sounds like he has cyberwar to stop it, but something didn’t work right.
  4. Then there is dad. Of course he took on the corporation captain. It was a pretty wicked fight. They each seemed to dodge the other’s bullets and tasers. Of course he kicked ass, and it was great to see it.

I did jump in and fight, after all I come from beastmen heroes. However, the bloodlust overcame me and I really don’t remember much else about the fight.

After the fight Tolen apologized, he said the he owed us all a favor. It is the first time I have gotten something like that. Although I think dad is really pissed at me. They were in danger and I couldn’t let them get in trouble. They needed my help!

Everyone thinks we will go looking for Elf computers to read those chips next. That could be fun. Maybe they will let me go as one of the actual members of the landing party.



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A late forty-something writer, photographer, auditor and game-master, married to the most fantastic guy. Also I am a prolific SJW just to get that out there.
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