Fiale (race)

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Name: Fiale (Altharin “Commoner”)
Cost: 44+ pts
Description:  They appear as a short, slender fey commoner with a long tongue. Their skin can range from albino white, to the darkest black. Generally they have racial markings that appear as runic tattoos. These are not actually tattoos but rather actual skin colorations appearing due to the magic they contain.

Their eyes are immense on their faces, almost double the size of a human in proportion. When surprised or intent on something they can get even larger. They usually have a long, slender and prehensile tail. Fiale tend to lick everything, it is a general mannerism most of them have.

Fiale Characters in Game:


  • Magery Level 0 (5pts)
  • Discriminatory Taste (10pts – used to communicate with other commoners – many have psychometry along with this).
  • Mana Enhancer (5opts)
  • At a minimum 50 points of additional “magical” advantages of player’s choice.
  • Prehensile Tail (extra arm, enhanced tracking, extra-flexible, long) (30pts)

Advantages Cost: 145+ pts.


  • Collared Slave (tied to owner, will die if owner dies or commands you to die -75pts)
  • Distinctive Features (-1pt)
  • Honesty (-10pts).
  • Gluttony (-5pts).
  • Increased Consumption x 1 (-10pts).

Disadvantage cost -101 pts
Total Cost: 44+pts

The Fiale’s origins are unknown. What is known is that the Altharin Empire captured and enslaved them among thousands of other races. Utilizing the race’s magical nature the Altharins discovered that Fiale could be used for many things that involved magic by utilizing their “runic tattoo” markings. It is unknown of their magic always expressed through the markings or if it was through their Altharin masters that this was developed.

The magic markings were used extensively in ritual type magic and to assist the use of spell casting. These things included being able to decode any map. Others could open any lock when they touched them. Still others could read minds or boost the effects of other spells.

When born the Fiale only had one single mark, their original clan. From there the markings grew out as they learned magic. The more magic they had learned or been used in, the more runic “tattoos” were there. The markings moved with emotional and magical stimulus.



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