Conrad Fischer

Full Name: Conrad Wilhelm Fischer


Conrad Fischer, Executive Officer of the Silver Wolf circa 4446.

Player: NPC
Race: Human (Alemannia)
Height:  6’1″
Weight:  172lbs
Eyes:  Grey
Hair:  brown and grey
Build:  Slender
Physical Description: Conrad is tall and slender. Not as athletic as his daughter Conrad spent most of his life on cramped ships with limited rations.

Place of Birth: Munich III
Date of Birth: 4413
Living or Dead relatives: Daughter is living (Rose Red), 2 sons, 2 daughters and wife dead. Unknown for third son and daughter.
Personality: Conrad is a quiet man. His stoicism however can be breached when his daughter or his team are in danger.

Character Sheet List:

Missions Involved With:
Episode 0: Introductions
Episode 1: Chrysalis


Conrad Fischer was born on Munich III. At the age of seventeen he spent eight months living on Exeter in Albion, where he learned to speak English fluently. He joined the Raummarine in April 4421, attaining the rank of Seekadett (naval cadet) after completing officer training courses as well as three months aboard the training ship Niobe. He then spent a little over a year serving aboard the light cruiser Edem. He briefly served on the survey vessel Meteor for navigation training. He was transferred to another light cruiser, the Köln. Kretschmer remained aboard the Köln until he was transferred to the K-Boat force, where he received extensive officer training and was promoted to Oberleutnant zur See.

Fischer’s first post was the U-35, a Type VIIA K-Boat. This appointment coincided with Alemannia’s involvement in the Spandic Civil War; the boat was ordered to patrol an area off the Spandica shipping lanes. U-35 returned to Alemannia after an uneventful patrol during which no ships were destroyed. Fischer then took second in command of U-23, a Type VIIA Wolf Class K-Boat called the Silver Wolf.

The rest of his tour on that boat and subsequent missions are heavily redacted not only by Alemannia but Albion and the Kingdom of Orleans. He is accused of several crimes and there is currently a ∇100,000 bounty on his capture (and a ∇1,000,000 on the Rosenrot/Rose Red/Silver Wolf).





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