Corporate Security Team

xintec-security-squadCorporate Security Team

Average Stats:
ST: 11     DX: 11     IQ:11     HT:12     HP: 11     FP: 12
Spd: 5.75     Move: 5      Dodge: 11     Parry: 10

Relative Skills: brawling (10), driving (10), electronic (comms) (11), knife (11), forward-observer (13), guns* (12), stealth (12), throwing (10).
Relative Advantages: Weapon Link
Relative Disadvantages: None
Armor: Reflex Bodysuit (12/4), Reflex Gloves (6/2), Reflex Tactical Vest (18/7 – can have trauma plates +34 for on duty soldiers), TL 10 Assault Boots (18/9),


Name                    Type      Dam. Acc   Range     RoF  Shots   Bulk  Rcl  Notes
Norinco QBZ95     A. Rifle   5d pi    5+1  800/3,600   11   30+1(3)   -4         2       1*
PP-19 Bizon-2        SMG       2d pi     3     120/1,300     11    64 (5)      -4         2       1*
FN MINIMI            LMG       5d pi     5     800/3,500   12   200 (5)    -6         2       1*
Heavy Pistol           Pistol      3d pi     2     180/2,000    3    12+1 (3)   -3         3       2*
*Notes: 1- GURPS High-Tech, 2 – GURPS Ultra Tech

Details: Corporate guards are trained in military tactics, use military equipment and for all intents and purposes are a military arm of that corporation.

With the rise of corporate power, its expansionistic outlook, and its tendency to secure “thralls” and other resources as part of their normal business these types of guards are less and less ex-military from other corporations or nations and more born into the corporation.

Corporate squads are outfitted with heavy body armor, small unit tools and tend to consist of the following:

  • 1 sergeant armed with a submachine gun (H&K UMP, .45 ACP).
  • 4 security guards armed with assault weapons. (Norinco QBZ95).
  • 1 security guard armed with a heavy automatic weapon (FN MINIMI LMG)
  • Possibly assigned one of several types of security animals used for their extra-sensory and/or combat abilities.



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