Barghest (creature)

The barghest resembles an oversized mastiff, either pure white or pure black. Its short fur lies at on its body, creating the impression that its hide is naked, and spines protrude the length of its back.

Its eyes shine red and its teeth glow slightly in the dark because of luminescent bacteria in its saliva. It hunts alone or in pairs during breeding season; at other times, it hunts in packs of twelve or more

ST: 25        HP: 25           Speed: 6.25
DX: 12       Will: 11         Move: 9
IQ: 4           Per: 11          Weight: 800 lbs.
HT: 13        FP: 13            SM: +1
Dodge: 9   Parry: N/A  DR: 5

Bite (14): 2d+3 cutting. Reach C.
Traits: Terror, Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 5; Quadruped; Sharp Teeth;
Skills: Brawling-14; Running-15; Stealth-12; Survival-11; Tracking-12.
Class: Giant Animal.

Notes: Used extensively with corporate security forces as most guards wear specially designed earplugs to protect them.


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