Corporation: Xintec, Inc.

Xintec Corporation

“Always searching for your future”

Xintec, Inc.

Rating: Galactic AAA (ranked #10)
Headquarters: Dadong Bay
President/CEO: Walter Wei
Chairman: Taisha Lung-Wei
Corporate Status: Public
Major Shareholders:
Walter Wei (24%)
Karla Peng (10%)
Sharon Ki (10%)
James Ki (9%)
Malay Independent Bank(12%)

Headquartered in Dadong Bay, is one of the Big Ten Interstellar Corporations, and it is the largest corporation located in the Kingdom of Tan. It is one of the newest members of the Corporate Court and a founding member of the Pan Prosperity Group. 

It is most heavily involved in exploration, shipping, and “vassal” goods and services (slave transport and trade), but like most corporations, it has investments in other areas. 

Vital Statistics

Corporate Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, and various asiatic languages.
Corporate Court Justice: Mae Feng

Major Subsidiaries


  • Xintec Discovery
  • Xintec/Asherton Cooperative
  • Xintec Dream


  • Xintec Interstellar Shipping
  • Swift Deliveries
  • Thrall Exports

Relationship with other Corporations

Xintec, Inc., is allied with many other corporations through the Pan Prosperity Group. It is mainly opposed by the Albion Corporations. Xintec tends to tread lightly when it comes to dealing with other Interstellar Corporations.

General Corporate Details for Archetypes:

Security:  With the rise of Xintec’s power, its expansionistic outlook, and its tendency to secure “thralls” as part of their normal business these guards are less and less ex-military from other corporations or nations and more born into the corporation.

Xintec Security Officers are highly trained and enhanced. At the very least they are implanted with weapon links (and usually smart weapons). As the officer goes up in the corporate ladder they are continually updated with newer cybernetics and enhancements. Any security officers with magical/psyker abilities results in them being transferred into one of the sacred orders.

Xintec Security Officers also work alone regularly on specified missions. In that case they are usually more enhanced then this average writeup.


Xintec Inc. began as a simple importing/exporting business before the 5th Interstellar War. The company exported goods to the rest of the Pan Prosperity Group and outside the Kingdom of Tan. In return they imported foreign goods back into the Kingdom of Tan. Some of these goods were banned by the government, but with the great risk came great reward. They have always had at least a small level of slave/thrall/vassal trade involved.

During the beginning of the 5th Interstellar War, one of Xintec’s ships crashed on an unexplored planet. There they found ancient ruins and uncovered information that aided some of their psykers and provided an unexpected input of technological innovation and monetary inflow. This discovery created the exploration subsidiaries that Xintec began a focus on during the war.

The war also saw Xintec increase its influence in the thrall trade. With thousands of systems attacked, many people were homeless, desperate and willing to sell themselves into servitude for a certain length of time in return for transport and/or monetary value. This also included a lot of prisoner of war transports, which while technically illegal to make into thralls, they would still end up in debt if they wanted to be transported off of their prison planets as none of the sides wished to pay for transport of prisoners. So all costs associated with the care, feeding, and transport of prisoners was charged to the prisoner themselves.

By the end of the war, Xintec was one of the three most powerful exploration corporations. Laying claims on mineral rights, resources (including thralls) and discoveries. Using this influence Xintec also began to increase their shipping and receiving business. For the last twenty years Xintec’s power has been increasing exponentially, and their push for exploration has become more brazen.

Missions involved in by this corporation:
Episode 1: Chrysalis

Write Ups for Archetypes found in the corporation.


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